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CrossOver Games releases version 8.1.0

The folks behind CrossOver Games sent us a note that version 8.1.0 of their software has come out, and it's got some nice upgrades for Mac and Linux folks who prefer to run their games in Windows almost-emulators (it's based on Wine, and as we all know, Wine Is Not an Emulator) rather than Boot Cam...

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Flickr Find: The Cocoon

Mitch Haile shared this set with our Flickr Pool to show us the ridiculously awesome setup he has in his office. From what we can tell, he has: a 24-inch Intel iMac a 15-inch MacBook Pro a Mac Pro with six (!) monitors several PCs a couple of Kinesis Freestyle keyboards The six monito...

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Flickr Find: 11,600 horizontal pixels of heaven

What you're looking at is actually nine computers: five Macs, three PCs and one Linux machine. (Check out the Flickr page, to see what's what.) According to its owner, it's all driven with one keyboard and mouse, and switches seamlessly between machines. Incredible. Thinking about the cable manage...

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Rig of the Year (So Far)

Digg today brings us our first TUAW rig of the day/week/month/year. Owned by flickr user washington_dc_photographer, this workstation sports three 30 inch Apple Cinema displays, 1 G5 Quad, 1 G5 Dual, 1 15 inch PowerBook, 6TB of external storage, 6 CF card readers, and a 15 inch Sony wireless TV. I ...

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TUAW Flickr group: Your Mac rigs

You've spent a tremendous amount of time setting up your Mac rig, arranging everything just so, selecting the perfect desk, chair, speaker system, mouse and so on. Why not show it off? To that end, we've created the TUAW Mac Rigs Flickr Pool. Upload your best shot of your rig at home, you set up at ...

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Mac personalities talk about their Macs

Giles Turnbull recently spoke to some Mac personalities about their Mac rigs. He found out what Leander Kahney of the Cult of Mac uses, Jonathan Rentzsh (he of the Red Shed), Michael Tsai (SpamSieve), Joe Kissel (author), and Andy Ihnakto. It is worth a read, though sadly I wasn't included. Luckily ...

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MacDevCenter Hands-Free Shooting Rig

Romain Guy has put together a very interesting Hands-Free Shooting Rig over at MacDevCenter: "Here's how to build a hands-free photography rig using an iSight, a Bluetooth headset, a backpack, and a dash of AppleScript that enables you to capture images on the go by simply speaking, 'Take shot....

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