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No Comment: Senator Grassley, your office is calling

The US Senate: home of democracy, bastion of civility, redoubt of Brylcreem, sciatica and combovers. If you were trying to recruit a less tech-savvy group of Americans, it would be pretty challenging. The late Alaska senator Ted Stevens set the bar with his legendary reference to the Internet...

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JBL reveals wireless AirPlay speaker dock for iPhone or iPod touch

As you can see above, the JBL On Air Wireless AirPlay is a pretty intriguing speaker dock for your iPhone or iPod. Not only does it sport that Dyson-style ring, but it's got an attached FM radio, a dual alarm clock, and even a screen to display the current name and album art of the song you hap...

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Organized ring charged with using fake credit cards at Apple Stores

Prosecutors in New York City have charged 27 people with organizing and running a ring of credit card fraud that was used to rip off Apple Stores around the United States. The thieves were able to buy over $1 million of Apple gear by obtaining stolen credit card numbers and manufacturing IDs and cr...

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