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Apple posts tribute to Robin Williams

On August 11, 2014 the world lost Robin Williams, a legend in comedy in and cinema. Recently, Apple released an advertisement that featured the actor's dialog from "Dead Poets Society." Tim Cook has already paid his respects via Twitter, but now his company has as well. Apple posted the above ima...

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iTunes remembers George Carlin

Of all the things said about George Carlin over the past few days, I like what Jon Stewart said on the Daily Show most: he's getting awfully tired of people who we need leaving us. But as Stewart also said, the good thing about Carlin is that he left us "hours and hours of video." iTunes has poste...

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Easy iPod/PSP movies with Instant Handbrake

When it comes to turning a DVD into a movie file, Handbrake's name is hailed far and wide for its ease of use, speed and overall quality. Recently, Handbrake's developer took these praised aspects and raised the bar by releasing Instant Handbrake (beta), a one-stop, brain-dead-easy app for convertin...

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iPod as a catalyst for DMCA reform?

CNET News has a really interesting perspective piece highlighting the video iPod's potential for being a catalyst for DMCA reform, specifically: the (outlandish) portion that makes it illegal to sell or distribute DVD-ripping software. The idea behind the article is that, until now, these measures o...

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