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Need another reason to hate the horrible Flappy Bird clones? They steal content, too

Flappy Bee -- or "Happy Bee Game" as its title screen says -- is a Flappy Bird clone that changed its name to steal downloads from people searching the App Store for the now-removed iOS top-rated game. Flappy Bee is garbage, which is enough of a reason to hate it, but it also happens to have stole...

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Attack of the Clones: The Flappy Bird copies have arrived, and boy are they crappy

Flappy Bird is simple, straightforward and hugely successful. Those three things make it a prime target for copycats, and now that the game has perched itself on the top of the App Store charts, the clones are arriving in full force. They are, on the whole, completely garbage, and I've taken a w...

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Toad Rider is a shameless Battletoads ripoff, and a poor one at that

When a developer decides to completely rip off another game, they usually at least attempt to give it a fresh spin. Sure, games take inspiration from each other all the time, and to be fair, it's oftentimes difficult to pin the word "ripoff" on a game at all. It's not difficult with Toad Rider. T...

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Counterfeit Pokemon apps sneak into App Store (Updated)

Each app in the iOS App Store must go through Apple's notorious approval process. Previously known for its heavy ban hammer, Apple is now earning a reputation for being lax and letting a myriad of cloned and counterfeit apps into the App Store. According to reports from Develop and Ars Technica, t...

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Ripoff apps plague some iOS developers

Update: Some of the Tamsong apps have already begun disappearing from the store. Near-clone apps in the iOS App Store? It's not a new phenomenon, by any means; last week, developer Anton Sinelnikov had the bulk of his app library yanked from the store for plagiarism. In fact, high-profile app launc...

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Ripoff of upcoming Clear app appears in App Store (Updated)

Days before the launch of Realmac Software's Clear to-do manager, developer Reejo Samuel, who is not on the Real Mac team, has ripped off the software and released it on the App Store. Clear has gotten quite a bit of buzz, and we got a sneak peek at it during Macworld | iWorld 2012. With the inter...

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Ninja Fishing for iPhone looks eerily similar to popular Flash title

Ninja Fishing is a new title coming on the App Store that combines Fruit Ninja's hacking and slashing mechanic with a fishing game, where you throw fish up in the air and then chop them down for fun and profit. Unfortunately, quite a few people have noticed a resemblance to a Flash game called Ra...

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Apple approves Canabalt clone

Late last year, the developer who created popular indie game Canabalt released the game's source code under an MIT open source license. This license lets other developers use the underlying game engine to power their own games for either private or commercial distribution. While the underlying ...

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Mario clone in App Store, place your bets for how long (Update: It's gone)

UPDATE: Yeah, as tipster Matt told us, this app has been pulled. That only took a few hours. You gotta be kidding. I am dying to know who, exactly, at Apple is unfamiliar with Mario the plumber. An intern born in the 90s, maybe? At any rate, go grab this platformer featuring Monino, whose broth...

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$25 iPods? Or cheap ripoff?

Spotted online: $25 Pistons-branded 128 MB MP3 player. Looks a little familiar, doesn't it. Kind of shuffle-y, in an "is it or isn't it" kind of way? So is it an iPod? Or is it a ripoff. My guess? "Ripoff." The "supports MP3 & WMA" just screams of cheap imitation to me, plus nowhere in the ad d...

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Not so thankful for CompanyStuff.com [update]

Earlier this year I attended my first Macworld. Naturally, I went on a spending spree, and purchased some snazzy MWSF swag. I was particularly thrilled to find a 'Mac Geek' shirt. And this was no t-shirt! I happened to work at a place requiring ties, so finding a business dress shirt with the embroi...

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