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Winners in the Back-to-School giveaways

If you entered one of our snazzy back-to-school giveaways in August you might want to check your email (and junk mail folders) today. We've sent confirmations to everyone who won. Congratulations to you, randomly-selected recipients! Here's a look at what we gave away: Ten licenses of Searchli...

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Win a 200-CD conversion from Ripstyles, plus a discount for everyone

So if you're looking to ditch the CDs when you move into the dorm but don't have the time or inclination to rip them yourself, why not take a look at Ripstyles? They were kind enough to offer today's prize: 200 CDs in their Premiere Stylizing service can be ripped for free (and they'll give you a de...

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Control iTunes from your Dock

Jonathan from Ripstyles.com sent along this easy little pack of apps, just like Dockables, that can be used to control iTunes from your Dock if you so choose. He confides in us that it wasn't that hard to put together ("just a few Applescripts"), and yes, it's true that there are now about five mi...

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