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AT&T adds new Passport international roaming plans

AT&T Wireless customers planning on traveling out of the country soon should take a look at the company's new international roaming plans. Called Passport, the plans offer unlimited messaging and Wi-Fi, "affordable" calling rates, and data for a 30-day period. The packages start at just US$...

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Data roaming for iPhones just got a lot cheaper for EU citizens

A few weeks ago, we reported that most roaming fees for iPhones (and all smartphones and non-smartphones) would be scrapped or greatly reduced in EU member countries come July 2014. While that's great news for those of us living in EU countries with mobile plans based in the EU, the even better new...

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EU ending mobile roaming charges in 2014

Rejoice readers who live in the European Union! Soon you'll be able to pay the same rate for calls you make while traveling the 27 countries in the EU as you do at home. According to the UK newspaper the Telegraph, the European Union has announced an end to mobile roaming charges in 2014 as part o...

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iOS 4.3.2 may fix Verizon iPad, FaceTime issues

Apple's iOS 4.3.2 is due to land in the upcoming weeks, and speculation is running rampant about what changes this update may bring. According to BGR, which claims to have the update in hand, iOS 4.3.2 will fix the data roaming issue reportedly plaguing iPad 2 tablets on Big Red's 3G network. Thi...

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Verizon iPad 2s feel the need to roam ... constantly [Updated]

Update: All Things D reports that Apple is aware of the issue and working on it. A number of owners of Verizon iPad 2s are reporting that their devices seem to be having issues accessing the Verizon 3G network. As discussed in the Apple support forums and reported by GigaOM's The Apple Blog, th...

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International iPhone users: bringing your iPhone to the States? Your options are limited.

The iPhone seems like it should be the perfect companion for the international traveler. Not only can it make phone calls in pretty much any country, it can also help keep you entertained on long flights. You can even use it to hold your flight itinerary and other important info like hotel and car r...

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New iPhone class action filed in NY over iPhone SIM lock-in, international roaming fees

You know what they say: let the good times class action lawsuits roll! Or something like that. The latest in what I'm sure is to be a long list of iPhone-related class action lawsuits was filed in New York today over the iPhone's SIM card lock-in, as well as what the plaintiff alleges is Apple withh...

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