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Steve Jobs interview wins a former nay-sayer's respect

Sometimes all it takes is a moment of time and an open mind to change your opinion of someone. In a recent column at Forbes, Drew Hansen, a management expert specializing in hyper-growth startups, writes about Steve Jobs and how The Lost Interview movie changed his view on the Apple co-founder. H...

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First reviews of Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview appear

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview is a TV interview turned feature film that will be shown this week in Landmark Theatres across the US. The interview was originally recorded in 1995 when Jobs had left Apple and contains a lively conversation between Robert Cringely and Jobs. Ten minutes of the...

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Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview coming to theaters in November

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview will arrive in Landmark Theatres nationwide on November 16 and 17. As the title suggests, the movie is an interview, specifically a 70-minute conversation between Steve Jobs and Robert Cringely that was held in 1995. A small 10-minute segment of the original conve...

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