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Rocking All Over The World crowdsources rock history

Rocking All Over the World is a free app for iPhone and iPad that asks you to help crowdsource rock history. Everybody has their own experiences, memories, and pictures from events they've attended. This app asks everyone to share those things to create a map showing where so many great things hap...

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Listen to Soundgarden in DTS 11.1 sound on your headphones

A while back I talked about the new SRS system for improving audio on Macs and iOS devices. DTS has now jumped into the sound improvement fray with the first Rock album released in DTS Headphone: X format, which claims to recreate an 11.1 channel system on standard headphones and speakers. The mu...

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Rock Band games to be removed from iOS App Store this month

Despite the fad of plastic instruments coming to a quiet end a few years ago, Rock Band is still a fairly popular brand, popular at parties and on the upcoming downloadable console version called Rock Band Blitz. But at least one part of Rock Band's legacy is going away for good: EA has announc...

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Guitar Hero III previewed, will release Oct. 28

Gametap's got a quick look at the new Guitar Hero sequel, coming out for the Mac later this year, and the biggest news is that they've got a date: the PC and Mac versions are shipping simultaneously with the consoles on October 28. Rock on! Apparently you'll also be able to use the mouse and keybo...

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Guitar Hero III coming to the Mac this year

If you've never played Guitar Hero, you've been missing out. It's quite an experience - you play with a special guitar controller, and as notes fly towards you on the screen, you hit both fret buttons and a strum bar in time to real life rock music. I'm a huge fan of the series, having played the or...

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