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Moments before our Macworld 2008 interview with Paul Kafasis he told me about the unique way the demo CDs they were giving out worked. What's the main problem with software on CDs? Those apps are suspended in amber, frozen in time, and many other overused metaphors. The fine folks at Rogue Amoeba ma...

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Show floor video: Rogue Amoeba moves to the beat

We stopped by Rogue Amoeba's booth last week and chatted with Paul Kafasis, CEO and big amoeba on campus, about all of their apps. Paul was kind enough to give us a quick demo of Airfoil 3 (I loves me some Airfoil Speakers) and Fission. Check out the full interview after the jump....

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Radioshift 1.0

Radioshift is the latest app from those audio obsessed fellows at Rogue Amoeba. Thanks the to included Radio Guide, which has over 50,000 internet streamed radio programs listed, this app allows you to find your favorite radio show and record it. The power of the app is that it doesn't just record ...

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