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Using the iPhone and iPad cameras to capture external guitar oscillations

Remember the video of guitar strings oscillating, caught by an iPhone sitting inside a guitar? Turns out you can capture this outside a guitar if you just apply a ton of lights. It makes sense, as you're monkeying with the rolling shutter, which can then capture the oscillations of the guitar s...

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iPhone 4 captures guitar strings in action

This is one of the slickest iPhone 4 videos I've seen in a long time. A guitarist (justkylevids on YouTube) apparently wondered what it was like being inside his guitar while playing, so he dropped his iPhone 4 in with the video camera running and captured this incredible video. The effect yo...

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Rolling shutter effect can make stunning iPhone photos

The image above was shot by Jason Mullins with his iPhone 4 on a flight from London to Guernsey. The weird black lines you can see are actually distorted, disconnected copies of the propeller blades, but this isn't a Photoshop hack; this was how the image came out of the phone. Virtually all consum...

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