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Tag: rome

Caturday: Lulù gets an upgrade

Apple-loving cats are like human Mac fans; as time passes, they end up getting upgraded equipment. In 2006, kitten Lulù of Rome, Italy enjoyed warming herself on her owner Federico's iBook. By 2008, she -- and Federico -- had both upgraded to a new MacBook Pro (below). We'd love to see...

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Second Apple Store in Rome preparing to open

Apple may be opening a second Apple Store in Rome and will be celebrating the grand opening on Rome's birthday, says a report in iSpazio. The new store will be located in the Porta di Roma shopping mall and will open on April 21, 2012, the date when Italy will commemorate the city's founding in...

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Lonely Planet giving away free iPhone guides in honor of Eyjafjallajökull messing with Europe

Did Eyjafjallajökull mess your week up? The answer is probably "no" if you're asking who Eyjafjallajökull is. For those of us who did have our week interrupted by that big exploding volcano in Iceland, Lonely Planet is offering thirteen of its City Guides for free in the App Store (and...

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Greenpeace at Apple Store Roma Est

Continental Europe's first Apple Store - Italy's Roma Est - received a huge number of visitors this past weekend, including Greenpeace. One representative, dressed as "Eva," offered a fig leaf-wearing "Ecco Steve Jobs" a green, eco-friendly Apple. The couple also brought two large, "green" iPod...

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Apple Store Roma Est: Your reports

The day has finally arrived! Italy's first Apple Store opened in Rome this weekend. It's quite a big deal, as this is the first store on mainland Europe, and a number of people are traveling great distances just to check it out. The folks at ifoAppleStore made a special trip, as did WeLove Apple....

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Apple Store to open in Rome

Website MacScoop discovered that Apple will open a store in Rome later this month, the 31st of March at 9:00 AM. The first 1000 visitors will receive a free Apple T-Shirt because you know those Italians, they're really big on wearing free T-Shirts...not! Even though Italian society continues to...

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Apple Store Rome all but confirmed

According to a report at ifoAppleStore, the Parco Leonardo mall will not be the location of a future Apple Store in Rome. Instead, it looks like the Romaest mall on the city's east side has been identified as the most likely location. It's possible that a grand opening could take place as early as...

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