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Romo: The cute robot with an iPhone for a brain

Romo is a toy with a purpose: to teach kids (and adults) some programming concepts while they're having fun. The US$149 robot uses the power of your iPhone or iPod touch as its brains and face, and the result is charming and educational. Not only can Romo be used as a fun toy, but also as a telepr...

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Romotive partners with Brookstone to bring Romo iPhone robot to retail starting today

The Romo iPhone robot is one of the more unique smartphone accessories we've ever seen, and after a couple of rounds of Kickstarter fundraising, the device is now ready for retail. According to a press release from creator Romotive Inc., the company has entered into a deal with retailer Brookstone...

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Romo iPhone robot to charm his way into your heart in June

Over the past few years, TUAW has featured several posts about a cute little robot with an iPhone for a brain, Romo. It was first featured on TUAW sister site Engadget's Insert Coin feature series in late 2011, and was successful in its original Kickstarter funding round. Last fall, Romo's crea...

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Romo the iPhone robot is back, Kickstarting version 2

Romo is a little iPhone-powered robot that showed up on Kickstarter around this time last year. It was successfully funded and distributed out into the world, making everyone happy by cycling itself around with the buzz and whirr of tiny mechanics. But as is usual with these things, the team be...

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