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New music royalty rates may cost Apple

A pair of organizations representing music artists is pushing for the U.S. government to give the music industry more freedom in deciding what to charge for music, AppleInsider reports. In turn, streaming services like Apple's iTunes Radio and the newly acquired Beats Music could feel a bit of a p...

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Adobe charging 10 percent royalty on iOS games made with Director 12

Adobe recently released version 12 of Director, its interactive app creation system, and in doing so introduced the ability for those who use the app to create iOS games to publish their titles directly to the App Store. As it turns out, that potentially time-saving capability comes at a premium....

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Audience Inc says Apple unlikely to use its audio tech in iPhones

Audience is a US-based company that makes voice and audio processors for mobile products. In the past, Apple used Audience's audio technology in the iPhone, but that may change with the next iPhone model, says a report in Reuters. Audience's CEO Peter Santos told Reuters in an email interview...

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Beatles receiving direct royalties in iTunes deal

Citing "industry sources," Reuters claims that direct royalties may be part of the deal that finally got The Beatles on iTunes. According to Reuters, "superstar artists" (like The Beatles) typically get 20-25 percent of retail revenues, which would equate to between 18 to 22.5 cents per track sold ...

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12 people charged in iTunes royalty fraud

I guess with all of the money flowing around iTunes, sooner or later someone would have to try to steal some of it. Twelve people have been charged in the UK with basically laundering money through iTunes -- they were allegedly uploading their own tracks onto the music sales service, then buying tho...

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Royalty rate stays the same, iTunes Store still open

The U.S. Copyright Royalty Board decided today to keep rates the same for digital music stores, kneecapping Apple's threat to shut down the iTunes Store rather than operate at a loss. The three-member board kept the royalty rate at 9.1 cents, and mandated a 24-cent rate for ringtones. The board has ...

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iTunes UK pwns competition for artist pay

Pretend you're a struggling musician. How much money would you rather take home for each track sold? £0.70 or £0.005? Not even a close contest, is it? Jacqui Cheng of Infinite Loop writes about a huge disparity between UK music services. iTunes just totally pwns the competition when it ...

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