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Key Apple patent declared invalid by US patent office

Just as it did in late October, the US Patent and Trademark Office has declared Apple's rubber-banding patent invalid. FOSS Patents reports that all 20 claims of the so-called "Steve Jobs patent" have been shot down by the office, despite being upheld as valid in past infringement rulings again...

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Musubo's stylish iPhone cases bring fun and flair to a crowded market

In my daily work for TUAW I see a lot of iPhone cases. For the most part, it's hard to distinguish one from the other, so when Musubo offered to send me a set of their new iPhone 4/4S cases I took a quick look at them first. It's a good thing I did, because what I found was a set of fun and sty...

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Padlette, for those times you need a giant rubber band on your iPad

The Padlette solves one problem: How do you strap your iPad to your hand quickly using a big rubber band? Insofar as that one problem is concerned, the Padlette (patent pending) does a great job. You stretch the loops around the corners of your iPad and you're able to slip your hand in between,...

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