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The line between web and "real" apps on the iPhone

Rogue Amoeba apparently wanted to jump in today and be the first devs to thank His Steveness for presenting developers with a complete and terrific iPhone SDK this afternoon. Or-- in their sarcastic case-- the lack thereof. Yes, as you can see in the resulting comments, Mac developers aren't real th...

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Locomotive: Ruby on Rails on Mac

With his post nominating apps for the upcoming Apple Design Awards (which we mentioned here), Scott Stevenson brought my attention to Locomotive from Ryan Rauum. Locomotive is an environment for developing Ruby on Rails applications on your Mac. It allows you to "try Ruby on Rails without worrying a...

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Ruby + AppleScript = RubyOSA

Our friends at Download Squad have discovered a melding of two scripting worlds: AppleScript and Ruby. RubyOSA is the darling scriptenstein of these two languages, and while I don't know a lick of either, I'm willing to bet this could be a popular amongst the code ninjas in the audience. Ruby is a p...

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Ruby on Rails included with Leopard server

Most of the talk about Leopard server is taking place behind closed doors at WWDC this year, which makes sense since most consumers don't give a flying service about the server edition of OS X. Be that as it may, the Ruby on Rails guys (that is the hip, new Web 2.0 framework for building web apps) w...

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Iconfactory relaunching

The Iconfactory is one of my favorite Mac sites on the web. Their sense of humor and talent really makes it something special. It looks like the iconic look (get it?) of the Iconfactory is in for an update. At the moment the Iconfactory homepage features a small vignette (the first in a series of 6 ...

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