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Rumor Roundup: Three takes on a Samsung rumor

With only one new rumor since the last roundup, it's once again a good opportunity to examine how three different rumor blogs reacted to the same information. Production of next year's A9 chip reportedly underway, Samsung may take 100% of orders (9to5 Mac) 9to5 Mac's headline tells you pretty muc...

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Rumor Roundup: A fool's game

Foxconn Robots Proving Unsuitable for iPhone Assembly, Updated Versions in the Works (MacRumors) Source: Chinese website Chance it's true: Who knows As with all rumors related to Apple's supply chain, there's no real way for us to ever know whether this is true or not. Certainly not unless Apple...

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Rumor Roundup: A tale of three rumor blogs

Occasionally it's instructive to take a look at how various rumor blogs react to the same rumor... such as the recent rumors of a new 4-inch iPhone model in 2015. Unlikely supply-chain rumor suggests a new 4-inch iPhone model next year (9to5 Mac) 9to5 Mac follows its usual schtick of calling a r...

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Rumor Roundup: Crescentgate-gate

UBS survey finds 10% of consumers want a smartwatch, expects 24M Apple Watch sales in fiscal 2015 (AppleInsider) Source: Some analyst Chance it's true: 30 percent Yet another analyst throws his hat into the "this is how many of (unreleased Apple product) will be sold" ring. Is this worth paying...

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Rumor Roundup: 'iPad Air Plus'

It's very slim pickings for rumors this time around - just one, in fact - presumably because all the analysts are still in turkey comas. HUGE LEAK: Major details on Apple's gigantic 'iPad Air Plus' revealed (BGR) Source: Japanese website Chance it's true: 30 percent Macotakara (a Japanese webs...

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Rumor Roundup: 'Reportedly'

They don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the country I live in, but I figured I'd deliver some turkeys to your doorstep anyway... including, unfortunately, some that were stuffed and baked right here at TUAW. Samsung reportedly mulls leadership change amidst disappointing Galaxy S5 sales (TUAW) Sourc...

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Rumor Roundup: Things that make you go 'Hmmm'

10% of owners of iPhone 5 & up will buy an Apple Watch, predicts Morgan Stanley (9to5 Mac) Source: some analyst Chance it's true: 30 percent at most Morgan Stanley joins the fray of analysts desperate to be FIRST! to predict sales for a product that hasn't even shipped yet. Left unexplained...

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Rumor Roundup: Return of the analysts

Just when I was starting to think all the analysts had gone into hibernation for the year, a few have crawled out of the woodwork to make their typically barmy, nonsensical predictions. RBC raises Apple price target to $120, predicts Apple Watch will earn $10B in first-year revenue (AppleInsider)...

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Rumor Roundup: Everybody pageview, er, I mean panic

Predictably, the later we get into the year, the fewer rumors there are to round up. It almost makes me long for the halcyon days of stupid mockups, moronic drivel from analysts, and thrice-daily tripe from Digitimes. Almost. Now that I think about it, what exactly do you suppose all those Apple ...

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Rumor Roundup: Honestly

Pegatron Reportedly Boosting iPhone 6 Production, Adding iPhone 6 Plus to Meet Strong Demand (MacRumors) Source: Japanese website Chance it's true: 30 percent Reports like this are rather difficult to take seriously since they're never actually verified one way or the other. Even if more iPhone...

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Apple reportedly eying new flagship store location at LA's Broadway Trade Center

ifoAppleStore, which traditionally has a pretty solid track record when it comes to monitoring Apple's retail initiatives, reports that Apple might have its eye on a gargantuan new retail space for a flagship store in the Los Angeles area. The space in question is the Broadway Trade Center, a buil...

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Rumor Roundup: Divide by zero error

Evidence shows Apple operating a mysterious Web crawling bot (AppleInsider) Source: Website usage logs Chance it's true: 100 percent There's no denying that a crawler traced to Apple's servers is apparently sending some traffic to a number of websites. For what purpose that might entail, no one...

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Rumor Roundup: 'The skepticism it deserves'

Report: Christian Bale drops Steve Jobs role in upcoming biopic (9to5 Mac) Source: Hollywood Chance it's true: Who knows Film casting is so fickle, and can change so quickly for so many reasons, that it's not really worth reporting on it until someone actually shows up to the set and starts acti...

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Rumor Roundup: Sad journalism trombone

NXP hopes Apple's adoption of NFC will encourage automakers to use its chips to replace car keys (AppleInsider) Source: Reading way too much into things Chance it's true: Who knows The guys who may or may not be supplying NFC chips for the newest iPhones (teardowns suggest they are) are hoping ...

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Rumor Roundup: Lucy in the sky with sapphires

Apple seeks partners to enable NFC-based transit payments & building access for iPhone 6 & Watch (AppleInsider) Source: "People familiar with the matter" Chance it's true: 100 percent Can you think of any reason why Apple wouldn't want to do this? Neither can I. It actually makes a lot o...

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