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News Corp. to shut down iPad-based newspaper, The Daily

News Corp.'s experiment with the newspaper of the future is coming to an end. In a press release covering a wide range of corporate restructuring initiatives, the media conglomerate announced that it is closing The Daily, the tablet-only newspaper that launched with much fanfare in early 2011. ...

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The Daily celebrates a year with 100,000 paid subscribers on iPad

One of the iPad's first regular periodical publications (if not the first one) The Daily launched a year ago. It's been a fairly rocky year. Originally, the Rupert Murdoch-funded app hoped it could get at least half a million subscriptions to keep its publication going; a few months ago we hear...

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The Daily averaging just 120,000 readers per week

News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch introduced the iPad newspaper The Daily (free) almost eight months ago with expectations that the paper would easily meet the half-million subscribers required for the publication to break even. Now Bloomberg is reporting that The Daily is well behind that goal, with ...

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Mel Martin: The Daily through the eyes of one journalist

I've spent most of my life in the news business, both in reporting and management. Given that, something like The Daily is of high interest to me, both as a new media observer and as a voracious news consumer. From where I sit, The Daily looks pretty good. It's attractive, has some depth and has a ...

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Steve Sande: A first look at The Daily

I haven't read a newspaper since the Rocky Mountain News went belly-up a few years ago, and I'm not a fan of broadcast or cable news at all. So Rupert Murdoch (at right, during this morning's press conference) and his minions at News Corp have a long way to go to impress someone who pretty much get...

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The Daily now available in the App Store

As of this writing, Rupert Murdoch and team are taking questions from the press during The Daily's launch event, and the app itself is now live in the App Store. The long-anticipated app was finally demonstrated and released earlier today. Verizon is sponsoring a free two-week trial period for all c...

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"Daily" iPad newspaper to launch January 17

Rupert Murdoch's iPad-exclusive publication, The Daily, is rumored to arrive on January 17. All Things Digital's Peter Kafka quotes "multiple sources," saying "News Corp plans to launch the publication by the week of January 17." The Daily is the much-rumored, iPad-only publication from News Corp...

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News Corp plays coy about iPad-exclusive publication, suggests 2011 launch

You've probably heard us mention the upcoming iPad-exclusive publication "The Daily" coming soon from Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. In fact, you have likely also read about the fact that it had been delayed until 2011. Well, now we have a maybe/sorta/kinda confirmation of the publication itself, as Ne...

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Daily iPad publication reportedly delayed until 2011

The Financial Times (FT) is reporting today (subscription required) that Rupert Murdoch's forthcoming iPad publication, The Daily, may be delayed until 2011. Quoting "people familiar to the project," FT says that the joint venture between News Corp and Apple is likely to debut next year. Neither App...

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Richard Branson's iPad-only Project magazine to debut Tuesday

Mega entrepreneur Richard Branson is set to release his iPad-only magazine, Project, tomorrow. That's Jeff Bridges on the cover, no doubt talking Tron inside. This issue seems to focus on pop culture, with articles about a French record label and a new super car from Jaguar teased on the front cover...

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WSJ iPad subscription sets you back $17.29 per month

You know that free Wall Street Journal iPad app that was introduced yesterday? If you want anything more than the top articles and basic market data you'll need to fork out US$17.29 per month. That's what an iPad WSJ subscription will cost you. That's $3.99 per week. Engadget is quick to point out t...

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