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Ransomware worries? Turn off Find My Mac/Find My iPhone

Note: Here's how to enable 2-step authentication for your Apple ID. It's been a rough day Down Under; several iOS and Mac users have found their devices held "ransom" by a hacker leveraging Apple's Find My iPhone and Find My Mac services. Australia's The Age reports information acquired by recent...

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iOS 7: Activation Lock secures your device in case of theft (Updated)

Find My iPhone in iOS 6 was great for locating your lost or stolen phone and for locking down your data, but it had a major flaw. A tech-savvy thief could restore the phone, remove the SIM card and walk away scot-free with your phone. Thanks to an enhancement to Find My iPhone called Activation Lo...

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AT&T Wireless subscribers to get emergency alerts on iPhone 4S and 5

AT&T today announced that subscribers who have either the iPhone 5 or 4S will begin receiving a software update which will enable their phones to receive Wireless Emergency Alerts. With Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) enabled, users will receive text alerts whenever an alert goes into effect. N...

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Apps and tips for coping with Hurricane Sandy

All of us in the northeast US (which includes myself and TUAW colleagues Megan Lavey-Heaton, Dave Caolo and Kelly Hodgkins) are keeping a wary weather eye on the approaching maelstrom that is Hurricane Sandy. While we continue to hope for minimal impacts to life and property, it's overwhelmingl...

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Lost hiker saved by iPhone flashlight app

One time when I was day hiking Mount Washington, I took a wrong turn at the top and went down the wrong way. I raced down the mountain, but still had to navigate some rough terrain for a few hours in the dark. This was the late nineties. I had a phone, but it didn't get coverage and phones back t...

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Brooklyn filmmaker working on app to help prevent sexual assault

When it comes to creating innovative apps to address municipal, environmental or social issues, the answer increasingly comes down to crowdsourcing. The public problem-solving site ChallengePost serves as a platform for innovative ideas from developers, working in areas as varied as the NYC sub...

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Apple, China groups meet to discuss environmental concerns

Environmental concerns continue to plague Apple and its suppliers in China. Earlier this year, Apple was singled out in an environmental report called "The Other Side of Apple," which detailed health, environment and safety issues at Chinese manufacturing facilities. Apple met with some of its ...

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Apple holds talks with Chinese environmental group

Apple is a socially responsible company and holds its suppliers and manufacturers accountable for their environmental practices. Despite these efforts, a Beijing-based environmental group continues to accuse the company of using suppliers that are polluting the environment in China. Apple suppose...

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FBI releases its first iPhone app: Child ID

The FBI has released it first iPhone app called Child ID. As the name suggests, Child ID works as a kind of digital passport for information about your children. With it you can store their photos along with physical identifiers such as height and weight. The app has several intended uses, the ...

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Apple issues report on supplier workplace audits and standards

Over the past several years, reports about alleged mistreatment of contract workers building Apple devices at plants throughout Asia have been rampant. Apple has not taken these reports lightly, and today the company issued a new report on supplier responsibility that outlines the efforts that have ...

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Chinese groups slam Apple for environmental policies

Ouch. The Associated Press is reporting that three dozen environmental groups have jointly issued a report called "The Other Side of Apple," which accuses the company of ignoring their concerns about health and safety issues at Chinese manufacturing facilities. These plants manufacture components th...

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My trip through Time Capsule Hell leads to a different backup approach

I bought a one terabyte Time Capsule shortly after it hit the market, along with an external 1.5TB drive. I use the Time Capsule's internal drive to back up two smaller capacity Macs, while the external disk backs up my two larger capacity Macs. Working with Time Machine in Leopard or Snow Leopar...

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iPhone 101: Safe driving with iPhone

Let's face it, the less distractions you have while driving the better, even if the government can't decide whether or not to tell you how dangerous phones + cars can be. Last week I was happy to see Penn Jillette (a magician whose work I've admired since I was too young to say the name of his curre...

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iPhone Crowd Control

So, any of you as hyped up and anxious to get their hands on a iPhone as I am? Well, if you're reading this I'm guessing you probably are. For those of you who are counting the moments until that sleek, shiny block of touch-screen goodness is actually in your hands, I have a word of warning for you ...

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Blinkit: the blinking light iPod accessory

I'd file this under the "hmmm" category if we had one: Blinkit is a blinking light attachment for iPods with dock connectors. Intuitive Devices, Inc. brands it as something you can use for personal safety while biking, hiking, jogging, etc., since it has seven flashing cycles (including a ...

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