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MeLLmo's Roambi Flow will create interactive business documents for iPad

We've taken a look at MeLLmo's Roambi in the past and were fairly impressed with the instant interactive visualizations created for business data and statistics. With Roambi, you import data created in another program or system (often Excel or another CSV-based spreadsheet program for personal ...

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MeLLmo's Roambi delivers business intelligence on the go

When talking iPad with enterprise users, one of my favorite show-off apps for the iPad is MeLLmo's Roambi. It's a little hard to explain what it does, but once they see it in action, they know they want it. Roambi (free on the App Store, pro/enterprise plans available) gives you instant, easy d...

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It isn't pretty, but sfCubed will probably make some Mac users very happy. This little application, which is very much in beta, syncs information from, the big player in the CRM market, with your Mac. sfCubed will take your contact information and tasks from and automa...

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