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GDC 2010: Hands-on with Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse

Last month at Macworld, Telltale Games announced that they'll be releasing their games day-and-date on both Mac and PC at the same time. Last week at GDC 2010, they announced a brand new season of Sam and Max, and also the news that, on April 15th, the first episode of The Devil's Playhouse will be...

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Sam and Max voted as next Telltale franchise on the Mac

When Telltale Games kicked off their Mac revolution at Macworld a few weeks ago, they also set up a poll on their website where players could vote on the next franchise in their company to get a full release on the Mac. The vote is now over, and the Sam and Max franchise was chosen as the next grou...

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Macworld 2010: Telltale Games and their Mac revolution

Well, there you go. After consistent rumors that the whole catalog would be coming over to the Mac, Telltale Games announced at Macworld last week that that's exactly what was going to happen. Starting with the Tales of Monkey Island series (based on the Lucasarts games, where many Telltale develop...

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GameTap releases Mac-compatible Player

The GameTap lite client has been out on the Mac for a while, but GameTap just finally released a new version of their full player, and it is now fully compatible with the Mac. Unfortunately, things aren't quite hunky dory just yet-- the Mac player will only play Mac-supported games, which leaves a l...

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