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Trap Studio helps you create your own music on any iOS device

Trap Studio (US$2.99) is a music creation app that includes more than 350 samples created by Prime Loops. Along with that, the app features dual Oxford Synthesizer Company (OSC) Synthesizers, and you can import samples and apply many effects to them to create a unique sound. Sounds from Prime Loops ...

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20 great, free iPad comics

CNET's Crave blog compiled a great list last week of twenty great, free comic books to read on your iPad. For me, more than anything else, the iPad seems perfect for a visual, interactive medium like comics. Movies are better on my big screen, and books can be read on a Kindle (or just on paper -- w...

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Details about the new GarageBand Jam Pack: Voices

Yet another minor Apple product announcement that made it under our radar was a new Jam Pack for GarageBand: Voices. No, it isn't samples of Britney Spears, John Mayer and Adam Duritz - it's a collection of over 1,500 new instruments that fall under the categories of Drum and Percussion Instruments,...

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