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How do launch numbers for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S phones compare?

Some rivalries will never die -- chocolate vs peanut butter, Yankees vs Red Sox, and iPhone vs Android, just to name a few. With the announcement of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, many Android users took to the Internet to loudly exclaim how underwhelmed they were by the devices. Its new features...

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FreedomPop expands service to include free voice -- but not for iOS yet

Bargain hunters in the iOS world probably already know about FreedomPop. It's the company that provides 500 MB of free data every month to customers using mobile hotspots, USB dongles or a sleeve that fits the iPod touch. Now the company is going a bit further by adding 200 free voice minutes and ...

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Samsung to pay for Galaxy-specific apps

In its continuing quest for domination in the Android market place, Samsung has announced a global contest for developers to make Samsung-exclusive apps. In particular, they're looking for apps that highlight the Group Play function showcased in the new Galaxy S 4. Group Play allows users to inter...

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Samsung files ITC complaint against Apple

Samsung and Apple's legal battle over trademark and patent infringement continues to heat up. The latest salvo was fired by Samsung which lodged a complaint with the ITC asking for a ban on the import of the iPhone, iPad and iPod. The court has up to 18 months to make a decision on this request. ...

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Samsung will respond strongly to Apple's lawsuit

News broke yesterday that Apple filed a patent and trademark violation lawsuit against Samsung. The suit claims Samsung stole the physical look, hardware design, software packaging and user interface from Apple and used these Apple-inspired elements in its popular line of Galaxy smartphones a...

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Apple suing Samsung: Galaxy too similar to iPhone look and feel

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple has filed suit against Samsung, claiming that the Samsung Galaxy line too closely imitates the look and feel of the iPhone and iOS. The lawsuit specifically calls out Samsung's products, like the Galaxy S 4G, Epic 4G, Nexus S and Galaxy Tab, and goes...

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