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Apple releases Xsan 2.2.2 FileSystem Update for 10.6

Apple has released an update to Xsan, its storage area network (SAN) file system for OS X. Xsan 2.2.2 FileSystem Update is recommended for all Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard-based Xsan 2.2 systems, according to the release notes. The update improves general file system reliability and offers: ...

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The T-Mobile Sidekick data failure, and what it means to iPhone users

You may not have heard about the recent loss of data for T-Mobile Sidekick users; after all, this is an Apple-focused site and there probably aren't as many Sidekick owners out there as there are iPhone users. I'll explain the situation, and how it could happen to anyone depending on cloud-based dat...

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Apple launches Xsan 2

In addition to dropping the price on the Shuffle (and introducing the 2 GB version), today's big Apple store update appears to be the launch of Xsan 2. Xsan is Apple's Storage Area Network (SAN) file system, and while this update isn't as sexy as a new consumer laptop update, it's still pretty cool....

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Free iSCSI initiator for OS X now available

You'd think, judging on the name alone, that iSCSI was an Apple product -- perhaps an easier-to-use, shiny, beveled version of the original SCSI? If wishing made it so: sadly, it's only an implementation of SCSI over IP, allowing hosts to connect to remote drives, RAIDs, SANs or tape libraries over ...

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Lots of Xsan 1.3 updates

Attention Xsan users, Apple has just released a number of updates. They include: Xsan Filesystem 1.3 for Mac OS X 10.4 Xsan Filesystem 1.3 for Mac OS X 10.3.9 Xsan Admin 1.3 Update Xsan 1.3 Uninstaller If you're running Xsan, it would behoove you to get these updates (or at least read abo...

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South Park moving to Xserve SAN arrays for storage

No South Park episodes in the iTMS yet, but TV Squad points out that South Park is switching over to Apple Xserve SAN arrays for keeping track of all the animation craziness that is the show. This ComputerWorld article details the move: "Franzen said he chose Apple hardware based on a 'gut' feeling ...

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