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Let your finger act as a god of the blobs in Blobiverse

Blobiverse is a simulation game in which your finger plays god among all the blobs and small animals wandering the land just below the surface of your device's glass. You have a large landscape filled with grass, trees and small lakes to work with plus all of your tools for placing blobs, animals...

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Terraria digging its way into mobile platforms

Terraria is a Steam title that just recently arrived on consoles, and now publisher 505 Games has announced that it's coming to iOS as well. The game is a 2D variant of the Minecraft-style sandbox genre, where players can hack away at squares of various types, recombining and reusing them to bui...

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Pixbits announces Junk Jack X, coming later this year

There are quite a few "sandbox" games available on iOS, including the uber-popular Minecraft, and Majic Jungle's great Blockheads. But my favorite so far is Junk Jack, a 2D sandbox title put together by Pixbits. It's excellent -- its little square tiles are perfect for the iPhone's interface, an...

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Daily iPad App: Deepworld pulls off some very impressive multiplayer magic

Deepworld is a very impressive title, and I told the creators as much back when I met them at GDC earlier this year. In fact, it was so impressive that I kind of doubted they could pull it off. A full 2D server-based Minecraft multiplayer game, running on the iPad? Sounds good, but good luck, i...

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Mac Game of the Week: Galaxy on Fire 2 HD brings iOS' best space adventure to the Mac

While some developers have recently gone towards a philosophy of making a bunch of smaller releases and dropping them on the App Store quickly, German developer Fishlabs has done the opposite. It's focused on one huge game, Galaxy on Fire 2, and spent the last year expanding and perfecting it. ...

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Deepworld officially launches on Mac, coming soon to iOS

I saw Deepworld in action in March at GDC in San Francisco. It's a Minecraft-style 2D sandbox game, with lots of fun steampunk elements and mechanical contraptions to make. A little while later, the game's developers held a Kickstarter to try and get a Mac beta off of the ground, and though tha...

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition gets furnaces

Mojang has updated the mobile version of Minecraft (subtitled Pocket Edition), adding furances and smelting to the mix. Now you can either find or build block type yourself. You can also grow your own trees by collecting saplings from cut leaves, and find Diamond, Gold, and Iron ore. You can th...

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Daily iPhone App: Junk Jack builds something special

I have flown over 6,000 miles in the last two days -- on Monday, I left Prague to fly back to London, and then yesterday, I jumped on a plane to come back home to Los Angeles. And through it all, Junk Jack was there for me. The game has been out for a while now, and you might have passed over i...

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Core Security Technologies identifies Mac OS X sandbox hole

Although Apple plans to require sandboxing in all third-party Mac App Store apps as of March 2012, it sounds as though Apple needs to get its own sandbox in order first. Researchers at Core Security Technologies have found a way to circumvent the sandboxing restrictions built into Mac OS X. A...

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Minecraft iOS debut set for after Sony Xperia launch

Back in February we told you that the popular Mojang sandbox game Minecraft would be making its official debut on iOS later this year (there had previously been an unofficial Minecraft for iOS). While it's still on schedule to debut for iOS in 2011, today Gamasutra broke the news that Minecraft...

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Flickr Find: Say hello to the Mac-in-craft

You can make a lot of things in the gigantic sandbox game Minecraft, including a gigantic floating Macintosh computer. Flickr user Caius Durling put together this floating replica on his own Minecraft world, assembled pixelbrick by pixelbrick, along with a floating "Hi" to match. It's pretty imp...

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Garry's Mod out for Mac

Valve has released another Steam Play Mac title, and this time it's Garry's Mod, the wild sandbox physics editor that uses assets from Half Life 2 to create whatever you want. The mod is probably most famous for its Rube Goldberg-style creations, but it's also very handy for machinima and other gra...

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Apple lands OLPC security whiz -- more secure products on the way?

Twitter tipster Rich Mogull of TidBITS provided us with a ping pointing to ZDNet's Zero Day page, where blogger Ryan Naraine broke some good news today. The news? The ex-director of security architecture for the One Laptop Per Child project, Ivan Krstic (at right), has gone to work for Apple. He'l...

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