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TUAW and MacTech interview: Karelia Software

Karelia Software makes an excellent iWeb alternative called Sandvox (we reviewed version 2.0 here). In this video, Neil Ticktin (Editor-in-Chief, MacTech Magazine) interviews Dan Wood of Karelia Software at WWDC 2012. Dan was kind enough to tell us about their thoughts on the announcements on W...

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Sandvox adds iWeb migration assistant to scrape your iWeb/MobileMe site

The June 30 sunset date for MobileMe is only a few short weeks away. If your website is built with iWeb and hosted on MobileMe, there's no time like the present to get it shifted over to more permanent hosting. To better serve iWeb users looking to move their existing sites into Sandvox, Kare...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me move on from iWeb and MobileMe

Dear Aunt TUAW, With the demise of MobileMe and [the corresponding decreased functionality of] iWeb the question has come up with myself and friends as to what to use instead. Looking for something along the lines of iWeb but with a bit more flexibility. Something like Adobe DreamWeaver is...

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Sandvox for Mac updated with slide shows and more Lion features

With iWeb slowly fading into obscurity, Mac users who want to generate websites without a lot of trouble have been turning to apps such as Sandvox. The app was updated today to version 2.5, which is free for users version 2.0 and up. Prominently featured is a slideshow object that lets users drag a...

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Sandvox hits Mac App Store, on sale for limited time

We reviewed Sandvox earlier this year, the handy WYSIWYG web editor from Karelia Software. Those looking for very Mac-friendly web design software that requires no coding (or even an iWeb replacement) ought to consider Sandvox. The time is right, too, as version 2.1.10 is in the Mac App Store a...

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Sandvox updated for Lion; Karelia wants to lure iWeb orphans

If the impending loss of MobileMe has you wondering how you will maintain and create websites, Sandvox is worth a look. It's more powerful than iWeb, but still easy enough for most beginners. We took a look at Sandvox in May, and now the folks at Karelia are offering a pretty painless path to swi...

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Ten ways to replace iWeb and MobileMe hosting

Yesterday, we reported on a rumor that Apple's website creation software, iWeb, is about a year away from obsolescence, along with MobileMe's hosting of iWeb sites. An iWeb user allegedly sent Apple CEO Steve Jobs an email asking if he should start looking for another website builder and a new ...

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Sandvox 2 features major overhaul, Objects Menu, more

Sandvox by Kareila Software will celebrate its fifth birthday this year. The festivities begin with Sandvox 2.0, a major update to the WYSIWYG Web editor for the Mac. With more than 5 dozen new or improved features, such as the super-handy Objects Menu and full HTML5 compliance, Sandvox 2 is ready...

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After iLife '11: Alternatives to iDVD and iWeb

Over the weekend TUAW is going to be featuring in-depth reviews of the new iLife '11 suite -- or at least the three apps that were updated. As most of you know by now, iWeb and iDVD didn't receive an update at all. In light of that, we've compiled a list of several alternatives to iDVD and iWeb t...

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Last day for Bodega half-off sales on Mac apps

Update: If it wasn't clear originally -- you have to download the Bodega client first, and purchase the apps through its store. Some readers were confused by the link to the 1Password site, which was for illustration purposes only -- the discount on the Mac client is specific to Bodega. Today'...

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Jumsoft expands free Goodies with new Keynote, Numbers, and Sandvox content

After spending your hard-earned money on new iPads, iPhones, and other great hardware from Apple, wouldn't it be nice to get something of value for free? That's the concept behind Jumsoft's Goodies, which include art and templates for a number of Mac applications. The Lithuania-based developer ha...

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WWDC Live: Dan Wood, Karelia Software

One of the first developers I got a chance to sit down with at WWDC was Dan Wood of Karelia Software, makers of the website-building app, Sandvox. I got his thoughts on the Keynote and the state of Mac software development. He's recently been blogging about marketing for developers and working to st...

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Sandvox 1.5 is now available

Sandvox is the WYSIWYG web editor from Karelia that's won praises from users and the design community (including an Apple Design Award) alike. You can read our previous coverage here. This week, Karelia has released version 1.5, which offers a slew of changes. You can use Sandvox to publish to any w...

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Sandvox 1.2.8 adds MobileMe Compatibility

Karelia Software announced the availability of Sandvox 1.2.8 this week. If you're unfamiliar, Sandvox is a very nice and lightweight WYSIWYG web editor for Mac OS X (we've written about Sandvox before) that makes publishing easy. With iLife integration, attractive themes and more, you'll be happy to...

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Sandvox 1.2.7 is ready to go

Earlier this week, Karelia released Sandvox 1.2.7. If you're unfamiliar, Sandvox is a great WYSIWYG website development application. It's really fun to use, and features .Mac and iLife integration, templates you'll actually want to put up on your site and a great user interface (in fact, it was the ...

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