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Help your kids keep track of Santa while you travel with the NORAD Santa Tracker app

We're just a few weeks away from Christmas. If your family celebrates the holiday, hopefully you still get to experience the joy of a having a child excitedly wait for Santa. But what if you're away from home on Christmas Eve? There are few childhood fears as harsh as the idea that Santa might sk...

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Will Ferrell Apple Switch ads are a holiday-themed blast from the past

Remember these fun Christmas ads from Apple that featured Will Ferrell as S. Claus? It's hard to believe they are 10 years old (part of Apple's short-lived Switch campaign, which also launched early Internet celebrity Ellen Feiss). Grab a cup of peppermint-flavored coffee and take a walk down m...

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You're the Pundit: What OS does Santa use?

When it comes to forecasting the next big thing, we turn to our secret weapon: the TUAW braintrust. We put the question to you and let you have your go at it. Today's topic is Santa. What OS does he use? According to Apple, he uses an iPhone 4S but we're not necessarily swayed by Apple PR. We...

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Apple ad: Santa Siri hits the airwaves

The concept is well-worn. The character is familiar. Even the final joke is telegraphed. But there's no way around it: this Santa Siri TV ad is a winner. ...

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Dear Santa: TUAW's we-have-been-nice wish list

Dear Santa, We've been very good reasonably well-behaved bloggers this year. We've brushed our teeth, been polite to our parents, and made sure to walk our dog. So for this year, would you please please please consider our requests? Here's what we're wishing for under the TUAW tree this yea...

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Cool Apple Store Christmas display features a FaceTime-ing Santa

If you are tired of standing in long lines at the mall with your children while they wait to see Santa Claus, then you should scope out your local Apple store instead. Spotted at Apple stores in the U.S. and Canada is a clever Apple display featuring a FaceTime-ing Santa. Inspired by Apple's recent...

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Apple releases new Santa-themed iPhone 4 ad

Apple has posted a new holiday-themed iPhone ad titled "Under the Covers." In the ad, a mom nestles with her young son in bed while he uses FaceTime on the iPhone 4 to video chat with Santa. The mom leaves the room and the son hides under the covers, still talking to Santa. Cut to the mom en...

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What did Santa Steve leave for you?

Merry Christmas to all! Now that the presents have been unwrapped we at TUAW want to know what you lucky folks got! A Mac Pro or two? Perhaps an iPod Shuffle in your stocking? Sure, Christmas is really about being surrounded by loved ones, but getting some cool Apple gear doesn't hurt. Sound off in ...

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