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Managing 12,000 iPads: SAP CIO shares lessons learned

SAP's CIO Oliver Bussmann has a singularly interesting point of view on using the iPads in a business environment: He oversaw the implementation of iPads at SAP, which was an early adopter of using Apple's tablet in a full-scale company. He recently talked with the folks at InfoWorld, and says ...

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SAP co-CEO shares story of a compassionate Steve Jobs

Last week SAP co-CEO Bill McDermott told Jim Cramer that SAP was the largest enterprise user of iPads on the planet. In the 8 minute interview, which you can watch here, McDermott and Cramer talked about the iPad's adoption among businesses and the fact that the iPad is "the future." But one of...

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TUAW interview: SAP CIO Oliver Bussmann on iPads in enterprise

A while ago SAP's CIO Oliver Bussmann made some waves in the Apple news-o-sphere by commenting that SAP was to deploy several thousand iPads within the company. I spoke to Mr. Bussmann this week to discover that his employees are now using over 2,000 iPads at SAP and they have plans to buy many more...

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SAP deploying 1000 iPads to employees, more on the way

SAP has embraced its devotion to mobile solutions by distributing 1,000 iPads to employees with more to come. ZDNet reports that SAP's CIO Oliver Bussmann shared news of the iPad program late last week on Twitter. Bussmann notes that the iPads are ready for duty. Each is equipped with access to C...

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Citrix Receiver for iPhone

Citrix, the folks who provide a popular way to run applications on remote servers using a thin client, have announced the immediate availability of Citrix Receiver for iPhone (click opens iTunes). We saw the Citrix guys running around the show floor at Macworld Expo this year, surreptitiously demoin...

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