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Get new life out of an old Mac Pro (Updated)

You've been drooling at the video of the new Mac Pro, but realize that your chances of having enough money to buy one of the cylindrical black speedsters when they ship this fall are slim to none. Not to worry -- iMore's Peter Cohen has just the answer if you'd like to add some life to your existi...

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MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update addresses SATA interface speeds

While most of the focus of WWDC fell on the iPhone 3GS, the MacBook Pro line got some love from Apple last week as well, with several upgraded features on the 15" model and a re-branding of the 13" model from MacBook to MacBook Pro. The Achilles' heel of the new upgrades, as reported last week, was ...

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Ask TUAW: Switcher questions, WiFi stumbling, dual-band WiFi, hard drive upgrading, and more

We're back with another shot of Ask TUAW! This time we've got a couple of common switcher issues, as well as questions about upgrading a hard drive, using WiFi stumbler software, setting up a dual-band WiFi network, and more. As always, your suggestions are welcome. Questions for next week should...

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Mac mini with 300 gig SATA drive

Wanna get more gigs into your Mac min, like say 300 of 'em? Why not do what this dude did and replace the Mac mini's internal hard drive with a 300 gig external SATA drive? [via Paul Stamatiou] ...

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Big Fat Hard Drives for your PowerMac G5

If you bought a PowerMac G5, or if you're still going to buy one because you hate all that is Intel and you suspect Apple will switch over their desktops next, be sure to check out some of the SATA hard disk options currently on the market. If you choose, for example, to upgrade your drives from the...

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Clearing up specifics on the MacBook Pro

Laurie A. Duncan is feeding us a few more details from the Macworld floor on the new MacBook Pros that I thought were quite interesting: Macbook has one FW 400 port, no FW 800. I guess that ZDNet post was at least on to something no pcmcia slot - new ExpressCard/34 slot, whatever that is H...

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