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Vroom! Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand revs up your desktop, but misses a turn

Ergonomic experts agree that your computer monitor shouldn't be too high or too low -- your line of sight should be parallel to a line about one-third of the way down the screen. Far too many of us have monitors that we're either staring up or down at, resulting in neck and back problems. For thos...

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Satechi AirBass Active Bluetooth speakers turn the volume knob to 11

Remember that great scene in the classic 1984 movie This is Spinal Tap, where Nigel is showing Marty his speakers and notes that "this goes up to 11"? Well, he could be talking about Satechi's AirBass Active Bluetooth speakers (US$99.99), which pack a lot of sound into a pair of speakers that can ...

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Satechi's X-Presenter Smart is a perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite businessperson

If you're looking for a stocking stuffer for that certain someone who gives a lot of presentations, I think I may have just the item for you. Satechi's new X-Presenter Smart (US$29.99) is an iOS app-enabled laser pointer, a stubby stylus, and a remote mouse all in one tiny little package. That pa...

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Satechi makes world travel easier with Smart Travel Router and Adapter

As a bona fide world traveler (yeah, I know -- only 50 countries so far), I love to see new products that make life easier for gadget-toting travelers. Now Satechi has come out with a multi-tasker that should find its way into a lot of gizmo bags. The Smart Travel Router and Adapter (US$44.99 intr...

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Satechi's Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keypad will excite your accountant

In the beginning (of the Mac), there was no numeric keyboard on the keyboard. If you wanted to type numbers, you used the number row on the keyboard of your Mac 512KE. Then some accountant and financial types got interested in Macs because of an application called Microsoft Excel, which shipped for ...

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Satechi 7 Port USB 3.0 Premium Aluminum Hub looks good, works well

Satechi is now shipping a new 7 Port USB 3.0 Premium Aluminum Hub ($69.99 MSRP, on sale for $54.99) that matches good looks with the speed of USB 3.0. The company came out with a 10 port USB hub earlier this year that comes in a black plastic case and sports special switches for turning various ba...

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Satechi adds aluminum 7-port USB 3.0 hub to its product line

Now that USB 3.0 has become mainstream in the Mac market, we're hearing about a lot more USB 3.0-based drives and accessories. Of course, once you've run out of ports on your Mac, you either need to swap devices or get yourself a hub. Satechi, the company that wowed us with a 10-port USB 3.0 hub e...

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Satechi 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub delivers the goods in a fast package

Satechi has always made impressive accessories like the 12-port USB 2.0 hub that Mike Rose reviewed last year. Now, the company is delivering speed and a plethora of ports for those with USB 3.0-equipped Macs with a new 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub (US$69.99, currently on sale for $59.99). Let's take a ...

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Satechi Smart Trigger: iOS-compatible DSLR timer remote

Satechi has just started shipping the new Smart Trigger, a US$44.99 Bluetooth add-on that makes it simple to turn your iOS device into a timer remote for your DSLR. Design The Smart Trigger comes in five different versions, all of which work with a specific set of DSLRs. For my test, I was ...

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Hubs du jour: A couple of USB 2.0 offerings

A pair of USB 2.0 hubs arrived at TUAW Central today for testing and review. If you're thinking that I may have mistyped USB 3.0, unfortunately I didn't -- for some reason, Mac accessory manufacturers seem to forget that new Macs are equipped with the faster USB 3.0 ports. For a USB 2.0 hub, ...

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Satechi Portable Energy Station 10000: The Strategic Reserve for your devices

If you need portable power and don't want to spend a fortune, then you should take a closer look at Satechi's US$60 Portable Energy Station 10000. The portable charging unit packs a high-capacity 10,000 mAh battery with 2A output that'll charge an iPad and an iPhone at the same time. Design ...

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Satechi's Swift BT Speaker provides some impressive functionality in a very affordable package

The Satechi Swift BT Speaker is a surprisingly affordable little speaker (at just $29.99) that performs quite well. It's small and fairly stylish, and though its functions are about what you'd expect from a Bluetooth speaker, the Swift accomplishes them with an understated flair that I really a...

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Satechi's Portable Energy Station ups the ante for external power

Just about every time I turn around, there's another new external battery pack for iOS devices that has more storage capacity than the previous capacity leader. Yesterday, accessory manufacturer Satechi came out with the Portable Energy Station, a relatively inexpensive (US$49.95) external batt...

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Satechi Bluetooth Multi-Media Remote for iPhone, iPad

For those exasperating situations when you just can't be bothered to get up out of your seat and reach for the iPhone or iPad you're using to watch video or listen to music, accessory manufacturer Satechi has just the answer. It's the Bluetooth Multi-Media Remote Control (US$39.99), another pro...

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Friday Favorite: Satechi 12-port USB Hub

It's rare to come up with a Friday Favorite for something as seemingly ho-hum as a USB hub, but this particular model caught my eye a while ago when a colleague brought it with him on a project. "What is that?" I asked, wonderingly. The blue glow of the ports was so hypnotic that I nearly missed hi...

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