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iPhone-shaped soap smells like sausage

Sure, an iPhone-shaped soap bar is fun as it is, but surely there's something else that can be added to make it even more enjoyable, no? Etsy user twoeggplants decided to answer that question with a resounding yes, and is selling an iPhone-shaped bar of soap that just happens to smell like grilled ...

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Sausage stylus comes to the US

It was a little less than a month ago when news broke of a South Korean company called CJ Corporation noticing a sharp increase in sales of their frozen sausages. CJ did some digging around and it turned out the good people of South Korea were using their sausages as iPhone styluses. Someone who was...

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Frozen sausage as iPhone stylus

Using an iPhone in the cold presents a quandry. You don't want to freeze your fingers, but gloves make the touchscreen difficult to use. Unless you've got Dots Gloves. Or sausages. In South Korea, CJ Corporation noticed a sharp increase in sales of their frozen sausages. Not because they're es...

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