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TUAW TV: The Savant experience in NYC

As we mentioned last week, Savant is currently running a road tour to show off its iPad interface for home automation; Mike Schramm was able to catch up with the festivities in California and got a good taste of the possibilities for replacing 'expensive glass' in proprietary controllers with the r...

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Hands-on: Savant shows off their iPad interface

Savant AV brought their iPad road tour to a location that happens to be pretty close to me in Irvine, California. So, I headed down there to take a look at their brand new iPad app, an interface for wirelessly controlling their high-end home automation systems. The company helps dealers put togethe...

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Savant: iPad to "Redefine home automation"

Automating one's home with a Mac isn't new. Indigo has been around for a while, as has XTension. Heck, you can even feed your dog remotely. The folks at Savant offer a way to control your home or office's entertainment system, climate, security cameras, lighting and more with an iPhone or iPod touch...

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Coffee Table Mac?

Remember the Microsoft Surface? It was a prototype device bringing an iPhone-like touch interface to a full sized table computer. The specialty home automation vendor Savant Systems has announced the "Apple-based" "ROSIE Coffee Table Touchpanel Controller." Apparently it duplicates the functionalit...

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