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Apple cuts prices of refurbished iPad 2s

Just in time for Christmas, Apple has dropped the price of its refurbished iPad 2s by $80, which means you can now grab a sweet returned iPad 2 for as low as $419. These are of course items that have come back to Apple retail stores or otherwise not been sold due to defects, but they've been fi...

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Discounts, doorbusters, and more: TUAW sampler of holiday savings

Just because Apple aficionados have historically been willing to pay a modest premium for the world's best computers, music players and cellphones, that doesn't mean they don't enjoy the occasional bargain as much as their Windows-using, Zune-toting, Blackberry-typing brethren. In the spirit of hea...

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Billings 3 prices reduced until November 30th

Marketcircle, the company behind Billings (which I mentioned in some depth recently), knows that a freelancer (or small business) needs every advantage they can get to survive in this economy. Sympathetic to the plight of the individuals on "Main Street," they're offering Billings 3 for $20 off the ...

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O2 offers iPhone savings for UK buyers

On the heels of T-Mobile's discounting of the 8GB iPhone, the UK carrier O2 is also cutting prices on the lower-capacity model by a full £100, dropping the base price of the handheld (with plan) to 169 pounds -- deal good through June 1. More portents of 3G iPhones on the way? Or just a cleari...

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Save on iPods or Mac gear: 20% cash back from PayPal for some sites

Happy Cyber Monday! Lots of online retailers are offering up discounts today and tomorrow, but if you use PayPal, you have the opportunity to save even more. At select merchants (see the entire list and details here), you can get 20% cash back if you pay with PayPal (the ceiling is at $50 for cash b...

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Apple TV at Costco

Ars Technica reports that Apple TV has begun to show up at Target and Costco stores. Apple TVs have been sighted at the Lincoln Park, Chicago Costco retailing for $289.99, saving you a cool ten bucks off the normal price. Jacqui Cheng writes that the normal Costco return policies seem to apply to Ap...

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