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Warning: Yet another wave of phishing emails targets Apple users

Email scam artists seemingly love Apple users, and following on the tail end of a widespread Apple ID phishing attempt earlier this year, a new round of sketchy emails has descended upon a large number of email addresses. Unlike the previous scam -- which claimed that a user's Apple ID had been di...

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Need another reason to hate the horrible Flappy Bird clones? They steal content, too

Flappy Bee -- or "Happy Bee Game" as its title screen says -- is a Flappy Bird clone that changed its name to steal downloads from people searching the App Store for the now-removed iOS top-rated game. Flappy Bee is garbage, which is enough of a reason to hate it, but it also happens to have stole...

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No, iOS 7 does not make your phone magically waterproof

Ah, the merry pranksters of the interwebs: your gleeful enthusiasm for messing with people shall never fade. It seems some of the jokers on Reddit and other corners of the web have taken it upon themselves to convince other people -- perhaps slightly less technically savvy -- that among iOS 7's ma...

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Daily Update for August 9, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires ...

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Don't get hooked by this Apple Store phishing campaign

Apple fans beware! A new email phishing campaign dangling a bogus US$200 Apple Store gift card as bait to snag unsuspecting victims is making the rounds, according to security firm Webroot. The email that arrives (see image above) looks strikingly similar to those that are sent by Apple, using th...

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Cheeky scam artist puts apples in iPhone boxes, sells them to unsuspecting woman

Buying pricey electronics from a private seller is never advised, but when a woman in Brisbane, Australia met with a seller at a local McDonalds to purchase a pair of "new" iPhones, she figured she was safe. As the Herald Sun reports, after buying what appeared to be two new iPhone boxes from the se...

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Fake installer malware makes its way to Mac

If you download a Mac app and its installer asks you for your phone number, you're likely looking at the latest malware to find its way onto OS X. According to Russian security firm Dr. Web, a Trojan malware has been identified called Trojan.SMSSend.3666 that requests your mobile phone number i...

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Apple cracks down on app-ranking manipulation

Apple's facing a growing problem on its App Store platform: ranking manipulation. While a lot of the spotlight areas are curated by humans, the rankings are generally not. Instead, computer-driven algorithms determine where each app falls in the various rankings for the store and each section. ...

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Seven tips to help you avoid counterfeit apps in the App Store

There are several recent examples of unsavory titles slipping through the cracks of Apple's approval process. Apps like counterfeit Pokemon apps and a cloned beer timer app have made it into the walled garden of the iOS App Store. Instead of relying on Apple to be a safety gate, iOS owners need to ...

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Canadian customers get lumps of clay instead of iPads

Vancouver, B.C. resident Mark Sandhu bought a new iPad 2 for his wife for Christmas, but when she opened the box, she found a tablet of another kind: a big chunk of clay. Sandhu took his purchase back to Canadian retailer Future Shop and complained, but the store initially thought he was trying...

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Fake Apple billing email is circulating

Not surprisingly, scammers are targeting Apple customers with a fake phishing email asking them to update their account billing information. People who are new to Apple and probably received their first Mac or iOS device during the holiday season are particularly vulnerable to this scam. This g...

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No Comment: Woman buys wooden iPad

This is a completely hypothetical situation: Someone in a McDonald's parking lot says he picked up an iPad for a cheap $300, and wonders if you'd want to buy it off of him for just $180. You decide why not (because reputable salesmen always just hang around in the parking lots of fast food plac...

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MobileMe, iCloud phishing scam making the rounds

There's a new phishing scam going around today involving MobileMe and iCloud. As noted by MacRumors, the scam involves an email that asks users to upgrade their MobileMe accounts to iCloud. The email reads: Dear MobileMe member, Please sign up for iCloud and click the submit botton [...

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New phishing email pretends to be from Apple's online store

We've received several reports today of an email making the rounds that's very likely a phishing scam. The message content is cleverly designed to look like it's coming from the Apple Store, and clicking on any of the links will take you to a website that's even superficially similar to Apple's onl...

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AppleCare rep tells Ed Bott Mac malware reports are up

An anonymous AppleCare support representative spoke to ZDNet's Ed Bott over the weekend, telling the reporter that complaints about malware infections on the Mac increased significantly in the first half of May. "This last week over 50% of our calls have been about [malware]," said the AppleCare s...

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