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Make a mess of your contacts with Business Card Reader Free

OCR - Optical Character Recognition is a very difficult thing to do right. Scanning pages of text can now be done fairly successfully, but business cards have always been a mess. Some are loaded with design elements, weird fonts, and non-standard placement of information. Business Card Reader Fr...

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NeatConnect Cloud Scanner: Computerless scanning and digital filing

You've probably seen Neat's TV ads touting their new NeatConnect Cloud Scanner (US$499.95). They show someone with a desk somewhat neater than mine quickly scanning in receipts, bills, and business cards with nary a desktop computer in sight. The company sent one to TUAW for a review, so read how ...

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Piikki is the best receipts scanner I've used

I've become religious about tracking paper receipts over the last year (and can't wait until all receipts are digital). That means I've tried most of the big-name iOS receipt scanner apps. Out of all of them, an app called Piikki (US$2.99, universal) is my favorite. On the surface, Piikki is ...

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Contact Snapper is an easy way to turn business cards into contacts

Contact Snapper for iPhone is the most clever app I've seen for the purpose of turning a business card into an editable digital contact. The app, which you can test for free, has several in-app purchase options I'll discuss later in this review. Contact Snapper is simple to use, and that is t...

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Five apps for business card scanning

Persistent critters, those little analog cardboard rectangles. Even with the option to scan QR Codes, email vCards or bump phones to swap contact information, the venerable business card keeps on trucking -- and keeps on making it challenging to leap from analog to digital information. If your c...

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Doxie One: Affordable portable scanner for Mac, iPad

We've followed Apparent's Doxie scanners since their infancy, and the company has done a fantastic job of working to bring the reality of the paperless office to millions of Mac owners. The Doxie One ($149) is a portable scanner that works with Macs and iPads, and you'll have a chance to win on...

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IRIScan Book 2 mobile scanner: Review and giveaway

Although I tend to use my iPhone 4S and Readdle's Scanner Pro (US$6.99) or JotNot Scanner Pro ($1.99) apps to do most of my scanning, there are still documents that need a regular scanner of some sort. For that, I have an old Epson 4490 Photo scanner, but it has issues handling anything that is...

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Daily iPhone App: Consmr makes grocery comparisons easy

Consmr is another barcode scanner app that just released on the App Store that's targeted at groceries and pharmacy products. There are lots of barcode apps out there: ShopSavvy is one of the more popular, and we've covered RedLaser before, and all of these work pretty much the same: Aim your i...

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Use iConvert to scan documents directly to your iPad

I saw quite a few document scanners for iOS devices at CES last week, but this is about as elegant as they come. Brookstone is offering a scanner called iConvert, which uses your iPad as the receptable for anything you scan with it. Not only does it scan your documents with a 300 dpi scanner,...

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Doxie Go mobile scanner cuts the wires, sort of... (Updated)

Apparent Corporations Doxie scanner has been a hit since it arrived a few years back. It's small, lightweight, and pretty well perfect for mobile use. So when I heard that the company had come out with a new scanner called Doxie Go ($199) that allegedly removes the need to have a computer aro...

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Holiday Gift Guide: Buying a printer (Updated)

Welcome to TUAW's 2011 Holiday Gift Guide! We're here to help you choose the best gifts this holiday season, and once you've received your gifts we'll tell you what apps and accessories we think are best for your new Apple gear. Stay tuned every weekday from now until the end of the year for ou...

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Doxie Go cuts the wires, scans to Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Apparent Corporation today announced Doxie Go, a new member of their portable scanner family and the first to allow scanning without a computer. The US$199 scanner won't ship until late November, but there are plenty of reasons to get excited about Doxie Go. To start with, the scanner no long...

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DocScanner successfully transitions from iOS to Mac app

Today I spent a half hour playing around with the first iOS app to Mac OS X app port I've gotten my hands on, and if DocScanner is any indication of the quality and usability of other iOS apps transitioning to the Mac, the Mac App Store is gonna rock indeed. DocScanner iPhone is an existing ap...

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Consumer Reports' Mobile Shopper a mixed bag

This is the second foray into iPhone territory by Consumer Reports. The first app pretty much duplicated the currently-available online content, and was free. This second app, called Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper is US $9.99, and puts the impeccable brand and product reviews in a more iOS-specific...

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Amazon's iPhone app gets barcode scanning update

Earlier today, Keith reported that Delicious Library developer Wil Shipley had barcode scanning on his radar as a future iteration for the late, lamented iPhone version of the popular catalog app. Lo and behold, within a few hours the newest update to the Amazon Mobile app hit the store -- featuring...

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