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SuperScanner! is an impressive emergency radio scanner for your iPad

This app brings back memories of my trips to Radio Shack back in the day to look at scanners to listen to police, fire, aircraft and other emergency frequencies. SuperScanner! (US$9.99) recreates those days with a slick iPad app that gives you access to these stations. You're not stuck with just y...

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Amtrak conductors to "punch your ticket" using iPhones

Here's a modern twist on a time-honored tradition for train travelers. Since last fall, Amtrak has been training conductors to use an iOS device to scan passenger tickets on some selected routes, including Boston to Portland, Maine, and San Jose to Sacramento, California. According to the New Y...

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Apparent announces WiFi-powered Doxie Go scanner

Apparent has announced a new model of its popular Doxie Go scanner with Wi-Fi support. The tiny appliance can be charged up, slipped into a bag and carried around for on-the-go scanning of documents, receipts or other slip of paper you want to digitize and save. When we reviewed the Doxie Go in Dec...

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Apple lists Snow Leopard-compatible printers and scanners

I'll come right out and say that I don't like scanners. Granted, I haven't used any high-end models, but in my experience, scanning a simple image to my Mac was akin to piloting a space module. As a chimp. While Mac OS X Snow Leopard includes a great number of scanner (and printer) drivers, some ...

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