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Scanbot for iOS gets an update and improves your scans

Scanbot (US$1.99) advertises it can pretty much eliminate your desktop scanner, and it's hard to argue with that. My colleague Steve Sande looked at an earlier version of Scanbot and was impressed (he scans all paperwork that comes into his home with Scanbot), as am I with this latest iteration. The...

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Easy Scan really does scan so easily

Easy Scan (Smart Scanner) is a new entry into the iDevice-Camera-As-Document-Scanner category. What distinguishes it from all of the other ones I have tried (and I have tried a lot of them) is in how simple it is. It lacks many of the bells and whistles that other similar apps provide and therein ...

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Please don't be fooled by this TurboScan rip-off

I love the TurboScan document scanning app for my iPhone. I've used it more than any other utility and it makes dealing with paperwork that requires a signature a super slick affair. So, when I got an email promoting a new app called "Turbo Scan HD," I was excited to see if there was a new version...

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Fantastic Library lets you easily catalog books, movies, music and games

​ ​Fantastic Library (US$0.99, universal) is a slick iOS app that uses your camera as a scanner to grab and save information about your collection of books, DVDs, CDs and games. Note that the app is available in English, despite the German above. To get started, just scan the bar code, and in a co...

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Pic Scanner has been improved and the price lowered

I last looked at Pic Scanner last summer, and found it barely better than snapping a picture with Apple's camera app. Pic Scanner could do multiple photos but there weren't too many features, and the free version wasn't very flexible. If you wanted to share an image, you had to make a in-app purchas...

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PDF Scanner will get you clear scans of pages and create PDFs

iPads and iPhones do so many things. Scanning documents is another task iOS has taken on, and an app called PDF Scanner (US$2.99, universal) does the job quite well. To get started, just point your iPhone's or iPad's camera at a document or book, and the app focuses and creates a clear scan of the ...

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Daily iPhone App: SharpScan for iOS quickly and effortlessly scans your documents

SharpScan is a free (with in-app purchase options) iOS app that makes document scanning a snap. Select your camera to snap a document or choose an image with text already saved in your camera roll, and you'll quickly get a sharp image of your document. The app helps knock out noise, shadows and thos...

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Cut the barcode scanning cord with CLZ Barry for iPhone

Did you have a New Year's resolution to organize your book collection (again)? It's definitely on the list in our household, but it's a daunting job; we have thousands of books (literally and literarily) scattered across many shelves, basement boxes and a home office, plus another whole library a...

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Prizmo is a powerful OS X scanning app

Prizmo 2 is a scanning application with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and several unique features that will attract those who do moderate scanning. Additional options are available from the Pro-pack via in-app purchase. Prizmo 2 is currently available from the App Store for US$24.99, which ...

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Use iConvert to scan documents directly to your iPad

I saw quite a few document scanners for iOS devices at CES last week, but this is about as elegant as they come. Brookstone is offering a scanner called iConvert, which uses your iPad as the receptable for anything you scan with it. Not only does it scan your documents with a 300 dpi scanner,...

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ScanDrop comes to Mac: makes scanning to cloud services simple

I've been a fan of a paperless workflow for a couple of years now, and I rely heavily on Evernote for organizing everything scannable that crosses my desk. One of the tools I've found invaluable for speeding up the scan and filing process is ScanDrop, as it allows me to scan a document and do bas...

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Prizmo is a pretty amazing iPhone app for OCR and more

There are a few apps that are great demos for the iPhone. Pulse News is a super RSS feed reader, iMovie always drops a few jaws, and Siri is a pretty amazing way to talk to your iPhone and get intelligent search results. You can add Prizmo to the list of great demo apps, and it's going to be a ve...

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Prizmo provides optical character recognition on the iPhone

Prizmo is a popular OCR (optical character recognition) app for the Mac that allows you to scan documents and things like business cards easily and quickly, avoiding the step of typing them in by hand. Now, Creaceed has announced that it's bringing the app to the iPhone, so you'll be able to make...

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Macworld 2010: TUAW video interview with The Neat Company

Steve Sande visited with Kevin Garton of The Neat Company today to hear what the scanning superpower is up to at Macworld 2010. The company is about to go live with a beta of a new version of NeatWorks for Mac, and Garton noted that Mac users will be able to join the beta program. Just in ti...

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Using Snow Leopard's Image Capture app, or how to clean up a room

One of the lesser-known changes in Snow Leopard is the update to the Image Capture application. This little gem of the Mac has always been available to grab photos from devices such as digital cameras and scanners, but with Mac OS X 10.6, Image Capture has turned into my personal hero. In 2007 an...

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