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Los Angeles doesn't want $500 million worth of iPads after all

A US$1 billion plan to give every student in the Los Angeles Unified School District an iPad, while beefing up the district's internet capabilities and other infrastructure, is now dead, according to the L.A. Times. The deal would have started with a $30 million purchase of tablets from Apple, whi...

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High school students raise thousands of dollars repairing, selling old MacBooks

One of the best things about owning Macs is that they hold resale value far longer than many of their competitors. Students at South Portland High School took advantage of that fact, repairing the district's lot of broken MacBooks and raising thousands of dollars in the process. After converting ...

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Massive budget SNAFU further damages LA's student iPad program

There's likely nothing more embarrassing for educators than messing up their own arithmetic, but as the LA Times reports, that's just what happened with the Los Angeles school district's student iPad program. On top of the fact that a good number of students have already found a way around the sch...

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Schools complain that upgrading student iPads to iOS 7 removes security filters

When Apple announced iOS 7, it made a big deal about how good the operating system would be for educators looking to manage iPads in their classroom. There's a whole page set up making that claim. But a new report from AllThingsD shows that while iOS 7 has some great tools for educators, its initial...

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Iowa high school delivers 1,425 MacBook Airs to students

The students at Ames High School in Iowa received a pleasant surprise this school year in the form of 1,425 brand-new MacBook Air notebooks, thanks to a program the district calls 21st Century Learning. The purchase cost a total of US$1.4 million, which figures to roughly $980 per computer. The Ame...

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iPads at Idaho elementary's 'iSchool' pilot program

Idaho's Paul Elementary School has shared a video praising the iPads and networking that iSchool Campus set up for them. Students, faculty and staff all received iPads and after two-and-a-half months, the teachers and staff are seeing great results. Principal Colleen Johnson notes, among othe...

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Apple launches back-to-school promo in Australia, New Zealand

Apple is back again with its annual "Back to School" promotion to kick off the school year in Australia and New Zealand. The promotion offers gift cards for a Mac or iPad purchase and is similar to the one offered last year in the US and Europe. The promotion is open to any student, faculty o...

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Chinese high school gives free iPads to senior students

Here's another instance of students getting to use iPads in the classroom, but in a slightly different setting: China. A high school in China has given iPads to all of its senior students, allowing them to replace textbooks and download lectures and texts from all over the world. In all, 21 dif...

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iPads seem to raise classroom math scores in charter school study

Earlier this year the folks who created the YourTeacher math tutoring and test prep system teamed up with KIPP Academy to gauge how well the iPad performs in the classroom. As noted by Jim Dalrymple of The Loop, the results are overwhelmingly in favor of the iPad. Between February 2012 and Ma...

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What to expect from Apple's education event: Digital textbooks, 'GarageBand for ebooks'

The Wall Street Journal and Ars Technica have weighed in with information about Apple's upcoming education event. Both outlets cite the usual "people familiar with the matter" for their information, and their sources have generally given accurate info in the past. With those caveats out of the ...

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Apple, Oreo and Capri Sun top list of popular youth brands

Harris Interactive put together a survey asking American youth from ages 8-24 what their favorite brands were, and Apple came out on top in the computer, tablet, and phone space. That's not too surprising, given how powerful Apple's marketing is (not to mention how great its products are), but ...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me take notes at school

Dear Aunt TUAW, Now that most of the country's college students are going back to school, I need recommendations for note-taking software for my Mac. In the meantime, let me say, "Boo-hoo Microsoft for not making OneNote for OS X." Sincerely, Kenny M Dear Kenny, If you're looking fo...

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Khan Academy iPad app screenshots show progress

The Khan Academy is an online non-profit organization whose goal is to provide a "free world-class education to anyone anywhere." Think of it as TED for everyone, except Khan's videos, resources, and lesson plans can actually help you be one of the TED speakers one day. Currently the Khan Acade...

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Apple Back to School promotion starts June 16 with a $100 gift card

Apple's annual Back to School promotion begins June 16 and runs until September 20. There are a few things that are different with this year's promotion compared to years past. First, the promotion is starting about two weeks, on average, later than in earlier years. Secondly -- and most notabl...

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Iowa school replaces workbooks with MacBooks

The school district in Van Meter, Iowa has ditched their workbooks and replaced them with MacBooks in a four-year digital learning experiment. John Carver, Superintendent of the Van Meter school district in Iowa, has taken a bold move into the realm of digital learning. In the 2009-2010 schoo...

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