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Tag: science

BioDigital Human - 3D anatomy views on iOS

BioDigital Human (free with in-app purchases) is an astounding 3D map of the human body, all rendered in real time so you can explore, zoom and rotate anatomically correct illustrations. The body can be dissected virtually, and layers can be added or removed. Illustrations can be annotated and share...

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Atoms Puzzle is a brainteaser for your inner scientist

For everyone's inner scientist (or for those of us who have a soft spot for high school physics), Atoms Puzzle just might be the free-time iPhone indulgence. Optimized for iPhone 5 but available universally, and requiring iOS 4.3 or later, Atoms is a streamlined, brain-stretching way to pass an af...

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Star Walk 2 mostly improves on the original

Star Walk 2 (US$2.99 with in-app purchases) is a solid update from the original award winning Star Walk astronomy program. This new version has a re-designed interface with the look and feel of each element beautifully crafted and drawing you into the inner workings of the app. One of the horizon...

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Elevation Mars will let you tour the red planet on iOS

Elevation Mars (U.S. $2.99) is a beautiful science-based app that will let you tour high resolution imagery of the 4th planet from our Sun and explore it in ways that simply can't be done from a book. The app starts with a topographic map of Mars, and you can gesture to zoom, rotate and tilt the ma...

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Elevation Earth for iOS is endlessly fascinating and educational

Elevation Earth is a universal iOS app (US$2.99) that displays a 3D model of our planet. You can manipulate your location with finger movements on the screen while rotating and zooming into Earth using standard iOS gestures. The app shows more than 300 annotated locations, like where the Titanic ...

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mPing lets you get involved in the weather, rather than just complain about it

mPing for iOS (free) is a unique weather app from the University of Oklahoma. The 'Ping' stands for Precipitation Identification Near the Ground. mPing is designed so that volunteers like you can make observations to crowdsource data to improve the next generation of weather radar. Radar doesn't wo...

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Play to Cure: Genes in Space lets you fly spaceships and aid in cancer research at the same time

Like most people, I enjoy video games and hate cancer, but seldom does the opportunity arise to combine those two feelings. Thankfully, Play to Cure: Genes in Space has flown onto our galactic radar, bringing with it simple space combat that actually helps the cause of cancer research. Yes. You ge...

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Two great astronomy apps for your holiday stargazing

As you've no doubt noticed, here in North America the skies are very crisp and transparent in the winter -- when the clouds have parted, of course. We also get the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, and some lovely constellations. I've got two really well-done astronomy apps for you that have just ...

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Nope, the iPhone 5s isn't fireproof

The iPhone 5s isn't fireproof, but you probably assumed that already. Just to be sure, TechRax decided to dump some gasoline on a new champagne-colored 5s and stoke the flames with a little bit of Axe body spray. It ends with the iPhone taking a nice dip in a bucket of water. Unfortunately, the...

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Turn your iPhone into a high-power digital microscope for around $10

There are few things I like more than seeing someone come up with a startlingly low-cost solution to an otherwise expensive problem. Instructables user Yoshinok has done just that by turning a few pieces of Plexiglas, a laser pointer and an iPhone into a highly capable digital microscope. The enti...

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Why a disembodied finger can't be used to unlock the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 5s

When a lot of folks think of fingerprint-scanning technology, they often assume there's a single way to do it, but nothing could be further from the truth. There are actually more than a half-dozen different technologies -- and combinations thereof -- that various devices employ to read prints, wi...

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Star Chart is a nifty and free augmented reality astronomy app

There are plenty of star charts around the app store that feature augmented reality, where you tilt your iOS device toward the sky and the app reveals what planets and stars are in your field of view. Almost all are paid apps, so it's nice to see that Star Chart has gone free, although there are t...

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Daily iPad App: Sun by Discover Kids is a star-studded look at our Sun

The sun is one of the most important stars in our galaxy. It gives us light, enables the growth of plants, is a source of energy and is the cornerstone of our calendar. To learn more about this spectacular star, you should check out the Sun By Kids Discover app. The iPad app features interactive ...

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Satellite Safari gives you a unique vantage point for what is in orbit

Satellite Safari is a new iOS app from the creators of Sky Safari. Rather than look at the universe, Satellite Safari has more local ambitions. The app contains a complete database of what is orbiting the earth. It allows you to find what is overhead, then view the spacecraft from earth, from...

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Check out tomorrow's asteroid close call on your iPhone or iPad

As you may have read, our home planet will have a close call tomorrow, February 15, with a 180,000-ton asteroid called 2012 DA14. There is no chance of a collision, but the space rock will come within 17,200 miles, closer than many of our communication satellites. You can follow the approach ...

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