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On dreading the Apple Store

Does a trip to an Apple Store make you happy? Or, like writer and former TUAW blogger Scott McNulty, does it fill you with a sense of impending dread? Scott wrote a short post for Macworld in which he expounds on his current discomfort with visiting Apple Stores, noting with distaste that the...

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Scott on CNBC now in iTunes

In today's world, media cannot be lost but only transformed. In this specific case, TUAW's Scott McNulty's appearance on CNBC is the transformation target; if you had trouble watching the clip of the Face2Face segment in CNBC's Windows Media embed on their page, the video is now available in the iTu...

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Phil Schiller shows CBS lots of iPhone features

Most of the videos I have seen of the iPhone don't show it in action, but this video really gives you an idea of how you interact with this little device. Phil Schiller, Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, pulls out all the stops for CBS News and runs the iPhone through...

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