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Tag: scrapbook

Daily Mac App: iClip

I missed out on iClip during its initial heyday a few years ago, so I was pleased to see it make a comeback. The OS X utility keeps a copy of almost anything that can be sent to the clipboard. It'll also organize those into scrapbooks or however you want. iClip sits off to the right side of...

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iScrapbook 1.0 ships

Last month we noted the upcoming release of iScrapbook from Chronos; they promised a release in April and barely made it under the wire. iScrapbook is basically a page layout application focused on the needs of "digital scrapbookers." Its features include a variety of photo frames and masks, 40,000+...

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iScrapbook Pre-order

Some of the women-folk in my family are very much into scrapbooking, and once they get going it's amazing how much they can do. And indeed if you go to a crafts store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby you'll find an enormous selection of scrapbooking supplies. Now, of course, the first time I saw this...

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