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Monitor overkill?

A wise man once told me that for every additional monitor on your desk, your productivity is cut in half. If that's true, then nobody is getting any work done in this office. I'm all for having an obnoxious amount of screen real estate at your disposal, but this might be pushing things a bit. Bon...

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iCracked banks on your clumsiness

A broken iPhone is no joy. I've seen many a mom jump out of a car to pick up her kids at school only to have her iPhone go flying off her lap and onto the pavement. Until recently, getting an iPhone fixed was a time-consuming and costly affair. Megan Hess from Mashable introduces us to a pair of i...

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Adobe brings Photoshop Touch to the iPhone

Just about a year ago at this time, Adobe released an iPad version of their flagship app, called Photoshop Touch. Now, a year later, they've announced a version of the app built specifically for the iPhone's smaller screen, that should be propagating out to the App Store very soon, li...

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Friday Favorite: Voila captures your screen with ease, on sale now

Given the issues with my former screen-capture app-of-choice Skitch, I recently went on the hunt for a replacement that can grab screenshots and handle video capture. I've finally landed on Voila. While it isn't perfect, Voila offers plenty of functionality and does almost everything I need. ...

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Samsung may be getting out of display supplier deal with Apple next year

A report in the Korea Times suggests Samsung will sever its contract with Apple and will no longer supply LCD panels to the Cupertino company, starting in 2013. An unnamed senior industry source told the newspaper that the company is not making enough money off the panels that it is selling to ...

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Sharp's president says new iPhone screens will ship this month

Speaking at a press event after announcing its quarterly earnings, Sharp president Takashi Okuda said then company was preparing to ship displays for the new iPhone. Reuters quotes Okuda as saying, "Shipments will start in August." He did not provide any additional details on the phone or the...

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WSJ: iPhone future includes thinner screen, other details cloudy

Today's Wall Street Journal includes an interesting story about a screen technology that may make an appearance in the next iPhone. Based on sources in the supply chain and "people familiar with the matter," the WSJ says that LCD panel makers Sharp and LG, plus a new Japanese consortium called ...

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The new iPad's display compared to others under the microscope

Image: I keep squinting at my new iPad, trying to see the pixels, but no dice. Luckily, Ignore the Code rounded up some microscope imagery of the new iPad's screen and compared them to other devices. Something that surprised me was the quality of the PlayBook's screen. But th...

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Roccat introduces Power-Grid, a PC game controller iPhone

I first saw Roccat's Power-Grid, announced today, back at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The German-based PC accessory company first showed me its top-of-the-line keyboards and mice (customizable, wonderfully designed), and then asked if I wanted to see something really special. They swore m...

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Retina display Macs, iPads, and HiDPI: Doing the Math (updated)

Love Apple gear? Like math? TUAW's Doing the Math series examines the numbers and the science behind the hardware and software. The rumourmill has been busy lately with claims that we might get "Retina display" Macs soon -- and of course, a Retina display iPad 3 on March 7, probably, maybe, defini...

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Infinity Blade coming to an arcade near you

If you like Infinity Blade on your iPhone or iPad, then you'll probably love Infinity Blade FX. That's the arcade version, which is apparently being introduced to arcades across the country very soon. You can see video of the game in action, and it looks -- well, like Infinity Blade. Though it'...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: There's a spider in my iMac

Dear Aunt TUAW, There's a tiny spider running around just behind the glass of my iMac. Hopefully it won't be cause for a service call! [The photo is attached at the end of this post.] Your loving nephew, David R. Dear David, Obviously your Mac isn't running the Robot Exclusion Stan...

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iPad rigged up with 3D screen in Taiwan

Display Taiwan 2011 is going on in Taiwan this week, and at a booth for a company called CPT, there's a device on display that looks very much like an iPad (though with the actual Apple logos and identifying information covered up) that's been Frankenstein-ed together with what appears to be a ...

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Air Display for Mac: Turn another Mac into an extended display

One very popular and fun iPhone / iPad app that I love to use is Avatron Software's Air Display. As we described in a First Look back in May of 2010, Air Display turns an iOS device into a small wireless monitor that can be used to display app windows from a Mac or Windows computer. Now Avatr...

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TUAW's Daily App: Tap Disc

I have to say, I'm a little more interested lately in longer and more developed experiences for the iOS devices, which is one reason why I loved Game Dev Story so much. But there is still some space in my app diet for quick, pick-up-and-play experiences, and Tap Disc is one of those. Actually, "pic...

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