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Screenshot FX will easily capture any image on your Mac

OS X has a built-in screen capture function, but it is pretty limited. For example, Command-Shift-4 lets you define a rectangle to capture. Command-Shift-4 followed by the space bar will capture a window. You can also capture your entire desktop with Command-Shift-3, and other commands will save t...

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iOS Task Switcher concept explores feature's potential

The Verge forums user Sentry posted the concept art you see above for the (underutilized) iOS task switcher, and I think it's awesome. Sentry's vision adds a lot of worthwhile information to the multitask bar without sacrificing the clear layout. The app thumbnails are great, but I really lik...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me ditch the screenshot shadow

Dear Aunt TUAW, I miss my old style screenshots. I use screenshots a LOT for presentations and training purposes -- specifically the window-only snapshot (cmd-ctrl-shift-4 followed by the spacebar). This feature is still in Lion; however, it now includes a pretty big drop shadow with the sc...

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Engadget goes hands-on with iOS 5

Our big sister site, Engadget, had a chance to go hands-on with iOS 5 the other day at WWDC and took oodles of screenshots to enjoy. TUAW, of course, has a number of writers who also have had a day or two to grope the new iOS, but who are limited by Non-Disclosure Agreements to what they can sa...

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Mac App Store shots reveal Parental Controls, store helper app

9to5Mac apparently snuck its way into the Mac App Store a little early (the marketplace is set to open up on January 6), and has brought back some screenshots of the app's OS X trappings. You can see the app's icon already, and the app will have a login screen very similar to what you already use in...

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Snagit on Mac: First look at this powerful screen capture tool

Back in December of 2009, I reported on the public beta of Snagit on Mac, a screenshot tool for Mac from TechSmith, the folks who bring you the Camtasia screen recorder. Well, the beta is over, and after 100,000+ testers gave the app a good scrubbing, it's now available for sale for US$49.95. Snagi...

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GDC Online 2010: Limbic Software's route to App Store success

I'm here in Austin, Texas this week for the Game Developers' Conference, and Limbic Software's Arash Keshmirian kicked off the iPhone gaming track this morning with a panel about how the company found success with their TowerMadness tower defense game. Limbic's story is similar to a lot of others t...

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iPhone Screentaker updated with iPad templates

Fabian Kreiser has recently updated his screen capturing app for Mac OS X to include support iPad screen captures. Like previous iterations of the app, version 1.2 of iPhone Screentaker allows you to add certain design elements to your iPad screenshots. These include encasing them an iPad and setti...

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Screenshot Plus and iWork: the poor man's screenshot editing suite

Despite their office productivity leanings, the iWork suite of apps (Pages, Keynote and Numbers) also serve as good image editors. With each app, you can crop and mask an image, as well as create alpha channels. While a handful of useful paid-for screen capture apps are available for Mac OS X -- and...

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iPhone ... in an iPhone

Here's a nice post-Christmas mind bender for you -- it's created by a company named Ogmento (they specialize in augmented reality applications -- get it?) and is an iPhone app that creates an augmented reality version of the iPhone. In other words, they put an iPhone in your iPhone so you can iPho...

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First Look: Snagit for Mac Public Beta

Switchers were elated earlier this year when TechSmith, developers of the fabulous Camtasia screen recorder application for Windows, finally shipped their flagship app for the Mac. Those switchers were probably also wishing that TechSmith would create a Mac version of their screen capture applicati...

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Twitter unveils new mobile version

It's probably fair to say that Twitter clients were the first "killer app" category for the iPhone -- Twitterific lead the charge way back when, but Tweetie came quickly after and then the flood gates were opened. But now, a late and unexpected challenger has entered the ring: Twitter themselves. Ma...

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A walk through iTunes history

Recognize the software above? The brushed steel, the rounded buttons, the liquid digital-style display. If you said SoundJam, you're right. But if you said iTunes, you're right, too -- SoundJam is the app that Apple originally bought to turn into the multimedia/handheld software juggernaut we kn...

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Terminal Tips: Change the location of snapped screenshots

Are you tired of all of those icons from screenshots you've taken cluttering up space on your desktop? If you would like them in a different place when you snap them, here's a command to change the location. Using the Terminal, enter the following command to change the location: defaults write com...

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Snow Leopard build 10A380 screenshots

Michael Flux has posted some pictures of Snow Leopard build 10A380, and there are some interesting things worth pointing out. The stack frame now has a attractive border between it and the shadow which looks quite nice. Also, an option for folder actions now appears in the Finder's contextual menu....

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