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Continuity: Executive succession plans in history

We all know that Steve Jobs will eventually leave Apple, and Apple's executive team has a responsibility to draft a succession plan to help minimize the turmoil when that day comes. To figure out what Apple might do, we can look to the past for other examples. Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 ...

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Ballmer channels 1985, suggests Apple split iPhone hardware and OS

Steve Ballmer is imitating his CEO predecessor by suggesting that Apple separate its iPhone hardware from OS X, according to Ars Technica. Nokia leads the smartphone market today with about a 30 percent share, he said. "If you want to reach more than that, you have to separate the hardware and softw...

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Today's a big day for Steve

Fun fact: September 16 is the day in 1985 that Steve Jobs left Apple, and also the same day in 1997 that he returned to Apple as then-iCEO. Jobs first left after CEO John Sculley ousted him from Apple's board of directors after both had tried to be "co-CEOs." Jobs also filed papers that same day i...

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