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Iomega's SuperHero for iPhone provides an iTunes-free backup solution

Personally, I have no issue with plugging my iPhone into my Mac every evening before I head to bed, recharging it, backing up my contacts and photos, and syncing my podcasts and music when I want it to. But I've heard before that a surprising number of iPhone (and iPod touch) users don't ever c...

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How to install Lion from an SD card

After we linked to instructions for how to burn a Lion boot disc earlier this week, Nature's Eye Studios contacted MacStories to let them know they figured out how to get the new OS to boot off a SD card. After downloading Lion from the developer site, the video maker proceeds to wipe a SD card...

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Iomega SuperHero iPhone dock backs up photos to SD memory card

We forget how important our photos are until we lose them. The 5 megapixel camera in the iPhone 4 encourages a lot of picture taking, but most of us put our phones on a charger over night instead of docking with our computers, so our photos aren't getting backed up. The Iomega® SuperHero&tra...

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3-in-1 iPad camera connection kit is triple the goodness in one package

Here at TUAW, most of the bloggers are huge fans of devices featuring multiple levels of functionality jammed into one little box (this probably has something to do with a lifelong fascination with Swiss Army Knives.) That's why there were smiles all around when M.I.C.Gadget, a blog that follows st...

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SD card reader for iPhone might help bridge the photo gap

It's cool that Apple is getting all cozy with SD cards for the iPad; it helps to sell the idea that the iPad is closer to a MacBook than an iPhone. As useful as an SD card reader is for the iPad, there is one minor hiccup: it probably won't work with the iPhone. ZoomMediaPlus aims to fill that g...

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That SD slot on the MacBook Pro? Not just for digital cameras

Hard Mac reports on a newly released Apple Knowledge Base article that reveals this nice little tidbit about the new MacBook Pro's SD slot. Not only can you use it to dump pictures off your digital camera, but you can use it as a boot disk if need be. The article also reveals: You can use the th...

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