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App downloads spike over the holiday, though not as high as expected

The Christmas holiday saw a record number of iOS device activations, and as usual, a nice spike in app downloads for developers (thanks to all of those new devices on the market). But Distimo just shared a report that says Christmas might not have been as merry as we thought for app developers ...

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Daily iPhone App: Boomtime Baseball reaches for baseball's golden age

Honestly, baseball is probably the last thing I want to think about right now, given that my Cubs just finished the season with 101 excruciating losses. But if you still enjoy the crack of the bat against the ball, Boomtime Baseball (free) might work for you. While it has some issues, it will a...

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More app sales: King of Dragon Pass, Swords and Soldiers and Crescent Moon RPGs

We'll do one more big app roundup post today before the holiday weekend. The App Store freeze went off as scheduled yesterday, so devs can no longer change their prices or upgrade their apps until next week, but in addition to the sales already covered so far, there are still a few more apps on...

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iPhone, iPod touch leading product search for Christmas

This is an interesting little statistic, but it could be very telling about what's going on in terms of sales this holiday season. 9to5Mac says that over in the UK, the iPhone and the iPod touch are the current most searched-for products this holiday. iPhone made up 1.75 percent of all product sear...

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What to get the person with everything - Holiday Gift Guide

If your diamond-encrusted iPod case is wearing out, or you simply must coat your new MacBook in gold, this list is for you. Presenting the most expensive, ridiculous and sublime gifts for the Apple fan in your life. 18-karat gold iPod shuffle It isn't enough to have a gold shuffle. How about a go...

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