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SEC concludes review of Apple's tax policy

Four months after the US Senate's Permanent Subcommittee held hearings to look into Apple's off-shore tax practices, the Security and Exchange Commission has ruled that Apple did not violate any laws. As AllThingsD reports: In a September letter to Apple, released late last week, the SEC said it h...

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Apple releases proxy statement in SEC filing

Apple has revealed the first information about its upcoming 2013 fiscal year in a proxy statement filed to the SEC this week. You can read the entire document on the SEC's website, but we can run you through the major points right here and now. First up, Apple discloses what Tim Cook was pa...

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Apple expenditures to grow on solar project, new campus

Apple's got incredible amounts of money in the bank, as you probably already know. According to recent financial filings, Apple is about to spend a good bit of it. The company will reportedly spend US$8 billion during the next financial year, which is more than twice what it spend during the la...

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SEC violated procurement law by purchasing Apple equipment

The Washington Post reports that the SEC violated procurement law when it purchased almost US$1 million in computer equipment from Apple in 2008. In a report released last week, the SEC's inspector general said that after the purchase the computer equipment "immediately failed" to work as intende...

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Apple Inc. files SEC form 10-K with sales figures

Like every other publicly traded company, Apple Inc. is required to file a form 10-K with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission every three months. These typically contain some interesting bits of information that aren't necessarily revealed in press releases. Apple's most recent 10-K chro...

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iPod touch makes up 38% of iDevices shipped

Blogger asymco did a little calculating from last week's announcement numbers, and has hammered out a rough estimate of just how many of each iDevice are floating around the world today. According to Steve at last week's event, there are 120 million iDevices total in the world, and we already knew ...

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Adobe admits Apple's no-Flash policy could hurt business

Adobe has filed its latest quarterly Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) report, just one day after Apple previewed iPhone OS 4.0. In the document, Adobe outlines the risk that Apple's prohibition on Flash brings to the company. In the "Risk Factors" section of the filing, Adobe stated that exc...

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Apple adds staff, boosts R&D spending in FY2008

The Associated Press' Jessica Mintz notes that Apple increased its payroll by 48 percent this fiscal year, with most of the new employees starting at Apple retail stores. The data came from Apple's 10-K filing, an annual financial document required by law for public companies (Apple has not produce...

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Investigators: No evidence that poster of Jobs heart attack rumor profited

According to the San Jose Mercury News, no evidence has been found to support the claim that a teenager who posted a rumor online saying Steve Jobs has suffered a heart attack tried to profit from the lower stock price. One person involved in the investigation (who declined to be identified because ...

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Steve Jobs subpoenaed by SEC

Remember that whole stock backdating scandal that was threatening to throw a wrench into the unstoppable train that is Apple? Yeah, Apple would prefer you forget about it too, but the SEC (that's the Securities and Exchange Commission) hasn't. They have subpoenaed Steve Jobs to testify in relation t...

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Financial Times: Forged Documents related to Jobs' options

Sources have informed The Financial Times of London that the forged documents at the center of the ongoing SEC investigation relate to illegal activities surrounding options given to Steven Jobs. According to the FT story, Jobs "was handed 7.5m stock options in 2001 without the required authorizatio...

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Stock options investigation delays Apple SEC filing

Apple's ongoing investigation into its stock option grants has delayed its SEC 10-K filing. The filing, which was due yesterday, may be delayed for as much as a month. If you recall, Apple admitted that employee stock options may have been been backdated. Companies use backdating in order to lower t...

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Apple's Special Committee Reports Findings of Stock Option Investigation

Back in August, Apple announced they had found some stock option irregularities and launched an internal investigation to get to the bottom of things. This voluntary audit netted a warning of de-listing from NASDAQ because they had to delay filing their Q3 earnings results (fortuately, NASDAQ cut Ap...

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Nasdaq warns Apple of non-compliance

Following reports of possible stock option improprieties by Apple executives and continuing internal and external investigations of these concerns, Apple has announced that it will delay the filing of its Q3 quarterly earnings reports until it is satisfied that the issues have been properly accounte...

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