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Employees dish on what it takes to keep Apple's big secrets

As a former Apple employee, I know just how seriously Apple takes its secrets. Even today, years after my NDA has expired, I'm reluctant to talk about things that Apple flagged as confidential. One reason for that reluctance is because of the respect I have for the company and my friends who still...

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Apple removes hints of future products from a key file in iOS 6

Once upon a time eager rumormongers would download the latest iteration of the next generation of iOS, and like examining goat entrails to determine the next Caesar, they would delve into the USBDeviceConfiguration.plist to divine upcoming hardware products from Apple. But, with iOS 6, this is ...

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Apple's developer preview NDA is a load of Lion poop

UPDATE: A few things to note here. 1. Anyone on TUAW staff who has signed an NDA will indeed honor it. 2. As a site, we are not going to shy away from covering features in Lion that have been reported elsewhere. 3. It's entirely possible that certain sites have been given permission by Apple to...

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Apple Store retail employee discusses what it's like to work there

Although doing so usually ends with a current employee becoming a former employee, one Apple Store retail worker recently had a lot to say about his experience working for the company. In an article over at Popular Mechanics, an unnamed employee spilled the beans on everything from being in the d...

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Former Apple manager accused of hiding $125k in shoeboxes

Back when I was a kid, I kept my most valuable possessions, my baseball and basketball card collection, in a shoe box. Apparently, so too did former Apple employee Paul Devine. Devine is accused of wire fraud and conspiracy on the basis that he collected more than $2.5 million in kickbacks from Appl...

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Apple's growing pains, culture of secrecy and the iPad

On Saturday, when you plug in your shiny new iPad and peruse the App Store for apps, you'll see 'HD' or 'XL' designations for iPad-specific apps. You may wonder what that's all about. It's about a lack of solid information, driven by a top-down policy of secrecy. When a company like Apple fosters...

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Apple Store employees in the dark about iPad

If you want to get an inside tidbit, or even a glimpse of an iPad, don't ask an Apple Store employee. They don't know any more than you do. An article at Reuters describes the cloud of secrecy that continues to enshroud the device, even among its primary sales team. In interviews with anonymous e...

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iPads sent out to select developers, kept under cover for now

Last week at GDC 2010, I talked to quite a few iPhone developers, big and small, and they all told me exactly the same thing when I asked about the iPad: "No, I haven't gotten my hands on one yet." But apparently there are at least a few developers out there who've gotten test models from Apple, acc...

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Apple's obsessive secrecy hurting relations with overseas suppliers

Apple's obsession with secrecy is legendary. For all the rumors and leaks that stoke media attention, very rarely do we have a clear picture of a new product until Steve Jobs comes out on stage and shows it to us. Even people who work for Apple often have very little idea what the company is up to; ...

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