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Segway CTO joins Apple

Doug Field, former chief technology officer at Segway, has joined Apple as vice president of product design. As you know, the Segway is the two-wheeled transportation device that Woz loves (he even plays polo with it), but gave President Bush a bit of trouble. We wish Doug good luck in his new posit...

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Woz to appear in live Segway polo match

Just call it the WozWatch-- not only did Woz just appear in a ride at Epcot, but now he's going to appear live on your computer, playing (what else-- this is the Woz) Segway polo. A site called The Digital Lifestyle is going to be broadcasting a Segway polo match (it's what it sounds like-- polo w...

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Woz recreates "awesome" commercial for charity sale

Woz, always ready to entertain for charity's sake, has remade his old 280Z commercial ("It's awesome," if you didn't remember from the last time you watched it) to promote the charity sale of his Nissan 350Z. Unfortunately, rather than split-screening it, the old commercial fades up for the "aweso...

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Woz arrives via Segway for the Showtime event

Pete Mortensen, of Wired's Cult of Mac blog, snapped this photo of the Woz arriving in style (of some kind) for the Apple event yesterday. Woz sure does love those Segways, and you might remember that my one and only sighting of the Woz involved a Segway....

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Flickr Find: Woz playing Segway polo

Our man Eliot, from Hack A Day, was at the Maker Faire this weekend and who did he spy playing Segway polo? Why, Woz of course! Thanks, iamdigitalman....

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More words from Woz

It's always interesting when Steve Wozniak speaks about Apple. He recently chatted with The Globe and Mail following a polo match on Segways in New Zealand (why does this not surprise me?). When asked about Apple's move to Intel chips, Woz said it felt like "...consorting with the enemy." ...

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Boston Bumblings: Woz sighting

Laurie and I were making our approach to the Hynes Convention Center this morning chatting and laughing merrily. What a beautiful morn, I thought. I wonder what Mac marvels await me in this brave, new, Macworld.A few yards from the convention center I noticed a man gliding on the sidewalk on a Segwa...

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