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Seinfeld emojis have finally arrived in the iTunes Store

Earlier in July we told you about the impending release of a pack of Seinfeld iOS emojis, which would finally allow you to respond to emotional situations with a Newman face. Now these emojis have been unleashed upon the world in all of their glorious wonder. You don't even have to pay for them. J...

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Don't think you want Seinfeld emojis? You better think again, Mojambo!

Strap on your urban sombrero and say "Hellooooooooooo" to your new favorite app. Everyone's favorite show about nothing is still very much something in the cultural zeitgeist, and now Jerry and his band of neurotic misfits might be headed to an emoji keyboard near you. A small team including Jason...

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Fake Steve Jobs to be a TV show

Dan Lyons, better known as blogger Fake Steve Jobs, has apparently signed a deal with Seinfeld writer Larry Charles to create a half-hour, single camera, satirical TV show about a Silicon Valley hotshot. As of now, Lyons is only writing the pilot script for the series, but since it's called "iCON,"...

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Microsoft airs second ad, campaign makes sense

Microsoft aired the second in its series of new ads featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates, and unlike the first ad, we finally discover that the pair are trying to find out what life is like for the average person. Since Gates "lives in a moon house over Seattle" and Seinfeld "has so many cars h...

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What's the deal with Seinfeld doing ads for Microsoft?

Microsoft has set aside $300 million for an ad campaign featuring once-funny comedian Jerry Seinfeld in a series of advertisements targeting Apple. [Insert "master of his domain" joke here. -Ed.] According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft will pay Seinfeld $10 million to appear in a series of ...

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