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Selfit takes selfies to a new level with mixed reality

Selfit takes selfies to the next levels, incorporating mixed reality to give the effects of various backgrounds, animations and wearable accessories among other things. It's similar in nature to Photo Booth but has a wider array of customization options and uses slightly different technology. Plu...

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Viral Vine video reveals the celebrity torment of never-ending selfies

First known selfie, taken by Robert Cornelius in 1839 There is little doubt that 2010 was a pivotal year for the selfie -- Apple introduced the iPhone 4 with its stellar front-facing camera and popular filter photography app Instagram made its grand debut. The collision of these two forces in that ...

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Smiley Alarm Clock is how the selfie generation wakes up

Capitalizing on the selfie craze, the Smiley Alarm Clock aims to start your morning off with a smile. Unfortunately, the app, which requires iOS 7.1 and works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, leads to frustration and general annoyance. The concept is simple. When the alarm goes off you grab ...

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YouTube Find: Watch the amazing healing of a facial injury in this daily iPhone selfie video

This "selfie a day" photographer had the unfortunate experienced of being "glassed" a few months into his daily photo project. From that day forward, his selfies took on new meaning as they documented his terrible facial injury, the resulting scar and his eventual transformative healing. The stil...

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